Fake News And The 2nd Amendment

By Dan Wos,

Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

How does someone justify the claim of wanting to save the lives of children at the border while simultaneously supporting the death of over 300,000 American babies yearly by abortion?

How does someone support mandated masks, social-distancing and vaccination policies to prevent the spread of a virus, while simultaneously endorsing the Biden Administration’s policy of open borders and letting infected migrants enter the US?

How does someone believe that children are responsible enough to make the life-changing decision to undergo hormone replacement therapy, stop their own puberty process and defy biology by denying their own gender, when most children need to be told to brush their teeth before bedtime?

How does someone watch cities across America get burned down, looted, and destroyed by violent rioters while simultaneously electing to defund local police departments?

How does someone justify the restriction of gun ownership for law-abiding citizens, while simultaneously supporting the release of violent criminals from prison?

How does someone support gun-free-school-zones after watching children and teachers get slaughtered in their schools at double the rate since Joe Biden’s 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act left them unarmed and helpless?

The truth is, they don’t think logically. They don’t look at the world with critical thought given to the effects of the policies they support. They disregard the negative effects of their actions for the political gain they believe they will achieve. They are taught to believe that their political ends justify any means necessary, regardless of how destructive they may be.

The indoctrination of the left has been an ongoing process that starts with our school curriculum. It’s a process that removes traditional American values and discourages spiritual belief, while implementing the idea that government knows best. A considerable amount of cognitive-dissonance is inevitable while trying to endorse two or more conflicting ideals, but it seems the left is able to maintain this form of mental gymnastics if it supports their political position.

In support of this cultural shaping, left wing media outlets continue to provide a limited scope of the topics at hand in order to provide its viewers with just enough information to support the cause at hand without offering enough data to cause them to question the narrative provided. This is especially prominent within the gun-rights conversation. This is why the anti-gun crowd can watch unarmed, helpless victims in gun-free zones get shot and still advocate for more gun-restrictions. The narrative presents the killing and positions the gun as the problem but conveniently leaves out the fact that had the victims been armed and able to defend themselves, they would have likely been able to save their own lives, or the killer wouldn’t have acted in the first place due to the possibility of opposition. Those of the “politically-left” persuasion have been conditioned to associate violence with guns, due to an overabundance of “gun-violence” type rhetoric, while being completely ignorant to the fact that violence is a behavior that can only be acted out by a person or animal. The limited information given in the story gives the viewer just enough data to agree with the fabricated narrative and nothing more. Then, a politically-friendly commenting process further perpetuates anti-gun views in support of the narrative du-jour, avoiding any contradicting ideas. This further strengthens the anti-gun beliefs of the partially-informed viewer.

Our Second Amendment, and all our rights for that matter, will depend on how quickly we can bring America back to its senses. It’s our job to remind those who have been misled, why the rights of the individual and critical thought to topics that have significant impact on our society are so important. It’s unfortunate that so many on the left cannot recognize the indoctrination they have undergone, but I suppose indoctrination wouldn’t be effective if the subjects were able to recognize it.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege.

It’s your right.

Dan Wos

Good Gun Bad Guy

The Loaded Mic


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