First Evidence Coke’s Wokeness May Be Impacting Bottom Line As Diversity Pitch Stalled

By: - May 4, 2021

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What happens when 80 million Americans stop drinking Coke? We are about to find out, and may have been recently given a first look at the consequences as Coke ‘pauses’ its mandated diversity hiring plan, which many legal analysts say is illegal.

The Coca Cola company famously came out in opposition of legislation targeting election fraud in Georgia, angering Trump supporters, and Constitutionalists worldwide, which proceeded to boycott Coke’s products.

The pause comes after the orchestrator of the plan, Coke’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton, abruptly resigned last month after less than a year on the job and as criticism of the quotas mounted, reported the New York Post

Some questioned whether Gayton’s policies violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which says employers can’t treat people differently based on their race.

In January, Gayton made headlines when he unveiled his plans to penalize outside law firms that failed to meet new diversity quotas by slashing their fees or cutting ties with them altogether.

In a meeting with Coke’s global legal team, Douglas, the company’s new general counsel, said that Coca-Cola was “taking a pause for now” but would likely salvage some parts of the diversity plan, reported

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