From Us to You

By: - December 25, 2018

From all of us here at OpsLens, we wish you the cheeriest Christmas followed by an infinite string of peaceful days in the upcoming new year. We are grateful to have your eyes and ears tuned in to our written content as well as our broadcasts on BlazeTV. As you well know, the vast array of field work brought to you by our Contributors enables us to offer that unique blend of experience-driven commentary…with all the fat trimmed away.

OpsLens brings you the voices of former law enforcement officers, military service members, intelligence operators, diplomats, industry leaders, and politicians…all of whom can unequivocally say Been there, done that!

The following brief video typifies the character of our staff, those who bring you authentic stories not from a script but from the frontlines, bittersweet and all:

To all of our OpsLens readers and BlazeTV viewers: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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