Go Woke and Go Broke: Batwoman Actress Quits Show

By: - May 22, 2020

News broke last night that Ruby Rose has quit the show Batwoman. This is rather stunning as few leads of a show quit, especially in the CW “Arrowverse” that has many superhero shows that executives give rather generous chances to catch on.

My daughter liked the show and since we like shows such as The Flash, and the gloriously goofy Legends of Tomorrow I thought it would be good bonding time and took one for the team. The show was  so awful and D minus dreck I feel like I deserve a special award for suffering through it. It had lousy dialogue, wooden action, lazy action scenes and a lead actress that couldn’t carry a scene let alone a series. I’m not surprised at all that the lead actress quit.

To make matters worse, the show wouldn’t let you forget the lead in the series was lesbian. By itself this is simply another eye rolling diversity casting choice. Legends and Flash both have gay characters, but they are fun enough shows that it fades into the background. As a conservative you get used to liberal diversity casting and story choices, and if those were deal breakers you would have very few viewing options.

But even before the show started the actress implied that the viewers were closeted homophobes and angry white old guys wouldn’t like her show. The show itself had contrived story lines that seemed written by a third grader with activist parents. It often reminded me of what I call the Modern Family fallacy, where the writers try to convince the audience that the gay characters can’t be gay…because there are secret bigots all over hip urban enclaves like yoga studios in Southern California and the hip elites of Gotham. Not even conservative areas are bastions of hatred but that’s an important component of the ideology. Thus, instead of building great crime fighting stories with compelling action and dialogue, or realizing they have a character dressed as a bat fighting a Halloween store’s worth of costumed villains, the show focused on that ideology.

When people pointed out the dreadful quality of the show social justice warriors are ready to blame the privilege of the white males or attack critics as homophobic or somehow uncomfortable with vaginas. But this is proof the show was so bad that apparently the main character quit despite having a cushy gig with endless promotion and adulation they could probably keep for the next 7 years. Its also possible that the show runners decided that she was so bad they couldn’t continue with her. Either way, this is an excellent example of the go woke and go broke trend that replaces quality entertainment with diversity casting and storylines, and then deflects criticism with tired liberal attacks. Both the recent terminator movie and the updated Star Wars trilogy show the same disturbing trend.

I can’t imagine a show with a tag line: Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence” didn’t succeed.