Gov Brian Kemp And Dominion’s Cloud Based Elections |The “Rob-Georgia” Files

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A screen capture taken from a Brian Kemp for Governor campaign ad, entitled “Jake”
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According to the National Conference of State Legislatures Voting System Testing and Certification, Georgia is one of eleven states that require full Federal certification in statute or rule for their elections.

This means the Federal standard for companies like Dominion Voting Systems using the internet during elections is the difference between having a certified election….or not.

GA Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger knew that when they chose Dominion for Georgia’s election contractor and took the entire 2020 GA election season into Dominion’s Amazon cloud environment, making every aspect of the 2020 election as vulnerable as everything else on the internet. 

CD Media broke a story Cracking Dominion’s Source Code – A National Security Threat Since 2003 backgrounding what happens when this kind of access is given to crooks and activists who want their candidate to win. That primer pales when you consider in Michigan thumb drives were being passed around and enough were unaccounted for that access and uploading voter files to replace tallies you don’t like is just that easy. 

If what’s happening in GA happened in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or any other state, it means Dominion learned from their Diebold days and are using much easier to fudge election methodologies. You can pull live election reports from the cloud and because Dominion upgraded to Microsoft Windows 7, the two-room scenario for replacing votes in the above article is that much more seamless. 

As I write this I’m looking at the certification questions and answers from Georgia. One of the questions was “What happens in towns with bad or spotty internet?” 

In addition to this, I’ve looked through GA’s 115-page contract with Dominion for the 2020 elections. If you’re in Georgia, maybe you can answer a question for me.

Why is Dominion hiring foreign temporary workers for your elections? What are they doing? Do they count votes better than you do? Dominion maintained the right in their contract to do just that.

Governor Kemp, you have some splaining to do. But before you do, it gets even worse, CD Media will be exposing more of Dominion Election Systems over the coming days.

Kemp came to power as a Georgia Senator in 2003, just weeks after a stunning electoral upset in Georgia that tipped control of the U.S. Senate. A few weeks after the election Bev Harris discovered 40,000 secret voting machine files — including a set of files called “rob-georgia,” containing instructions to replace Georgia’s computerized voting files before the election. The files she found contained databases with votes in them as well as the voting machine programs.

According to Vote Georgia, Kemp served as a Georgia State Senator until 2007.  In January 2006, Rep. Harry Geisinger introduced HB790, which still may be one of the most comprehensive verifiable voting bills ever introduced in a state legislature. The bill proposed to:

Provide a voter verifiable permanent paper record as the official ballot of votes recorded for each voter;

Specify that the verified paper records are the official ballots to be used for auditing, precinct hand counts, recounts and election challenge proceedings;

Offer each voter the opportunity to verify and affirm that the official ballot has accurately recorded his or her intent before casting the ballot for counting;

Restore public ballot counting procedures at all Georgia precincts on election night for a public, randomly selected race;

Protect against any type of election fraud by allowing manual results to be compared against electronic results at the precinct on election night

Stipulate that discrepancies in precinct vote count comparisons are publicly posted and reported to the county and state tabulation centers;

Ensure that all tabulation center operations are conducted publicly and that precinct results are made public immediately;

The bill received a hearing in the House Government Affairs Committee from Chairman Austin Scott but the committee voted against it after Elections Director, Kathy Rogers, adamantly opposed it.

On March 21, 2006 another bill was proposed that was again shot down by Elections Director, Kathy Rogers who insisted on using Diebold technology and later left her position to join Diebold. Diebold is now Dominion Voting Systems.

In July of 2006, a group of Plaintiffs brought a complaint alleging five counts of legal, constitutional or other voting rights violations against the current method of voting. They were never allowed to present evidence.

In 2006, Karen Handel was elected Secretary of State and wrote a paper validating the complaint but took no action. Later it became known she took $25,000 in campaign contributions from family and friends connected with Diebold’s lobbyist firm owned by former GA SoS Lewis Massey.

When Secretary of State Handel resigned to run for Governor, former Senator Brian Kemp was appointed as Secretary of State.

In February when Rep. Tim Bearden introduced HB1215 which offered protections close to what the previous bill did, Sec. Kemp refused to support the bill.

Kemp had his own idea about election reform.

Instead of protecting Georgia voters, the Chief of Staff to the former Secretary of State, the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor, the head of Legislative Affairs for the former Governor, the former Secretary of State, and the former State Election Director—were all either ES&S lobbyists or accepted large donations from ES&S.

ES&S is the company Dominion Election Systems spawned from. Both use the same Diebold system base.

Brian Kemp awarded ES&S with a sole-source contract which gave them direct access to and responsibility for voter registration, ballot access, and ballot counting until Dec 31st, 2019.

ES&S along with Dominion was Diebold in its earlier iteration and jump-started Kemp’s career in 2002 with the rob-georgia file.

Kathy Rogers, the director of elections who earlier opposed paper ballots is now an ES&S Lobbyist and ES&S’s Senior Vice President for Government Affairs. David Dove, Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Brian Kemp, took trips to Las Vegas Trips courtesy of ES&S while he was in the market for new voting machines for Georgia.

Charles Harper, Brian Kemp’s current Deputy Chief of Staff and former Legislative Director was a lobbyist for ES&S as recently as June 2018. John Bozeman, the Head of Legislative Affairs for Former Governor Sonny Perdue has Been a lobbyist with ES&S Since 2017.

What did ES&S get for all of this and what can we expect to find with Dominion?

ES&S was given a sole source contract giving them direct access and responsibility over voter registration, ballot access, and ballot counting until December 31, 2019 when the contract ended. GA SoS transferred GA election preparation services to ES&S. It was a state function.

ES&S prepared all election data for GA in the 2018 elections. GASoS decision to pay ES&S to maintain ballot programming databases was a novelty. It’s a function of the state, not a contractor. Normally it falls to state and county election officials.

ES&S was responsible for ballot layout, coding, and voice file services and all data entry and maintenance of county-level data sets across GA.

How secure was ES&S?  Hacked in 1 Minute 

Following the 2nd annual DEF CON Hacking Voting Village I released an investigative expose demonstrating that a widely-used optical scan voting machine called the ES&S M650 was vulnerable from multiple attack vectors. This machine is used in 24 states to count votes and can be hacked to change election results in under one minute. The report has received close to 1/2 a million views.

What you read above is what you can expect with Dominion Voting Services using Amazon cloud services. If they’re passing around thumb drives as they did in Michigan the Dominion system gives real-time results and files can be added to the system. What makes Georgia uniquely hackable is everywhere there’s a Wi-Fi signal, the election is vulnerable. When Dominion chose the obsolete Windows 7 OS, they made it as easy as an internet search.

Governor Kemp, this is your record on election reform and shows the respect you have for the people you govern. How much more did Dominion offer?

ES&S and Dominion representatives Bob Urosevich and Barry Herron started your political career with the rob-georgia file. It looks like your career will end on that note.