Here’s What We Know Happened At Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

By: - August 13, 2021

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Image by Harland Quarrington

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CDMedia reported live from the Lindell Cyber Symposium this week and here is what we think happened.

First, we have no idea if the packet capture data heralded by Mike Lindell for months as proof China hacked the election was real or not. We don’t know because we can report the data was never presented to experts at the conference.

The Lindell team says this is because the data was corrupted by a ‘poison pill’ which made the data unusable. Col Phil Waldron of the Lindell team said the data Lindell possessed has been turned over to the Federal government per cyber security law requirements. We have been informed that multiple ‘agents of influence’ were trying to destroy the ‘break out room’ sessions assembled with cyber experts. Many were allegedly angry the information they expected to receive was not provided in the end, according to the corporate press.

Lindell said he was attacked physically the night before the last day of the conference. Waldron declared there were agitators and infiltrators at the conference. Lindell’s livestream was hacked multiple times at the conference. It has been reported the source for Lindell’s work, Dennis Montgomery, suffered a stroke before the conference started. We have no idea if this is true.

One thing is obvious – someone wanted to stop the Lindell symposium from getting its message out.

What we do know is there are narratives playing out on both sides and it is impossible to discern whether at this point the data was real or not.

However, that may in the end be irrelevant due to what WAS presented at the conference that was very real and the corporate media is trying desperately to prevent being disseminated.

The conference shifted gears early and presented live evidence that was reportedly received right before the conference started, of evidence from Mesa County, CO showing Dominion Voting Systems during its ‘update’ of machine software, deleted logs and changed data on the election machines. Forensic images were taken before and after the ‘update’ and cyber experts at the conference said this showed Dominion changing software, attempting to remove evidence of widespread election fraud during the 2020 election. The data is required by Federal law to be kept for 22 months. Experts at the conference declared Dominion is attempting to delete it nationwide.

This information was probably the most effective data released during the three days and had a profound effect on the legislators in the audience. Many in attendance declared this would require them to push for nationwide full forensic audits of the 2020 election upon their return.

As it has been since Nov 3rd, the ball is now in the court of state legislatures to fix 2020.

In the end, Mike Lindell succeeded in getting reportedly 40 million people to watch 3 days of evidence presented showing election fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

That is a feat in itself.

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