How Many Dummies Does It Take to Make A Stupid Country?

By: - September 6, 2020

With COVID crushing our country, I decided to do a thought experiment.  COVID stats are often measured by the following equation: new cases per 2 weeks per 100K population, or, NC2W/100K.  Early CDC guidelines recommended less than 50/100K or 0.05% over any two-week period to “open up.”  Many, many areas of the country currently are well above that number.  Yet the mantra around here continues, “opening up saves lives.”  Huh?

I suggest that there is a new equation we should keep track of, i.e. the title of this article.  Admittedly it is hard to measure accurately and is very subjective.  Your opinion of a dummy is likely different than mine.  But here is a report that I submit we can all agree is an example of two dummies:  Example of Dumb Behavior.

Now, I ask you, help me fill out the rest of the equation.  How many dummies like these guys are representative of the county you live in and I will tell you whether you live in a stupid county – using CDC guidelines of course.  If we can acquire data from a large number of counties, I think we can project whether we live in a stupid country or not.

I submit this at 2150 on 9/4/20 while sitting on my deck, minding my own business, in southern York County, PA.  I’m listening to what sounds like a small fire fight going on about a mile away from my house.  At least 10 people are popping off all manner of rounds.  A total of hundreds.  I fired off 3 rounds from my 16-gauge shotgun when they were done.  “Take that dummies” I said to myself.  Likely, they’re a bunch of locals having a party on Friday night.  But preparing for what?  A civil war?

Yes, it’s an assumption.  But I can assure you that I live in a stupid county.  Should I call the cops?  It might be interesting what they find.