How You Can Help ‘Intellectual Takeout’ Restore the Culture

By: - December 6, 2023

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When my third grandchild was recently born, I was wonderfully reminded why I am involved with Intellectual Takeout as the leader of its parent organization, the Charlemagne Institute: Both these things point to the things that really matter in life.

Our articles are signposts toward truth. When reading an article on education, a reader might be challenged by a critical problem facing modern education and be given possible remedies. Or a reader could read an uplifting story of a mom and how she is assisting in the education of her child.

Our readers are also blessed by articles that focus on the centrality of faith in God and having a healthy skepticism of a government that, in many ways, claims to be God. Similarly, our pieces often question the prevailing orthodoxy of a government mandate or program.

Some of my favorite articles focus on parents raising independent children by not structuring activities for every waking moment of the child’s day or hovering over their children to protect them from every supposed danger. These articles focus on letting kids be kids and giving kids the freedom to explore and fail and learn.

ITO provides articles that cause people to think, act, and bring about the herculean task of changing the culture. These pieces challenge all of us to become more complete, more humane, and continue the task of restoration.

Is this not our calling? I urge you to donate so ITO can continue its call.

-Robert Roach
CEO, Charlemagne Institute

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