I Guess I’m a Terrorist

During the age where identity is fluid, and anyone can be any gender, and in one case, any race they want, it is a wonder how many identities can be bestowed on someone by their opposition. Just as some refer to an achievement as putting a notch on your belt, I take every name on my belt. Any conservative who has been open about their positions on issues has quite a few names on their belt. Just like that t-shirt that has been floating around since the 2016 election about Obama calling conservatives clingers and Hillary calling them deplorables, the names constantly add up, and I’m here to tell you today, wear them proudly. Remember, you catch the most flack when you’re over the target, and the revolution is not complete until the language is perfect. So be proud when the opposition calls you names because you’re on target and under their skin. Just like I never minded when I was called racist or any variation of “stupid” by those with computer screen courage because I knew I was a patriot on the right side of issues. However, the school boards have found a new name to bestow on American conservatives who question their tactics: terrorists. I guess that means I’m a terrorist now too.

For as long as I can remember, I valued my conservative upbringing and always considered myself a patriot. Over the years, I have called myself by many other names. I took on the mantle of husband, father, eagle scout, corpsman, and Christian, among others, with pride. Although that might be how I identify myself, that is not how the political left and opponents to my ideals would describe me. They’ve found plenty of despicable things to call conservatives over the years. Many are so vulgar that clinger and deplorable are the least of our worries. Some of the most obscene are Nazi and racist, but it doesn’t end there as the current administration loves to attach labels to their opposition.

Members of the current administration have not been short of terrible things to say about conservatives. Biden himself called veterans “stupid bastards” and “a dull bunch” back in 2016. He kept that up during his run for president in 2020 by labeling Trump supporters as chumps and “ugly folks.” But it hasn’t stopped with Biden’s campaign remarks. His administration has kept up with the names on the conservative belt.

Those who disagree with the politicization of the Wuhan coronavirus were dubbed “anti-science” by his administration. His HHS Secretary Becerra even went on a tirade labeling those who didn’t want vaccination mandates as flat-earthers. His deputy chief of staff and Beto O’Rourke’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon called conservatives “A bunch of fuckers” to Glamour magazine. If that wasn’t enough from his administration, Biden’s attorney general branded all parents speaking out at their school board meetings as domestic terrorists. Well, since I am skeptical about the injections, and I’m against the mandates, I understand the SARS-CoV-2 response has been political, and I’m upset at the indoctrination of our youth by the public school system; I guess I am a flat-earther, anti-science domestic terrorist. I never expected a veteran who makes his own medical decisions and stands up for his children would be dubbed a terrorist by his country’s administration, but here we are. The administration has just woke the sleeping giant of protective parents; a move I believe they will learn to regret.

Do you think being called a name should dissuade any true conservative and patriot from standing up for their beliefs? It should absolutely not be a deterrent to anyone and should fire patriots up to take a stand. My employer called me a hero six months ago and calls me a risk to the workplace today. That shouldn’t stop anyone from standing for their beliefs. The justice department calls me a terrorist for disagreeing with the filthy indoctrination taught to my children in public schools. That shouldn’t stop a parent from taking an active role in their child’s learning and standing against the power-hungry school boards. Our government officials and healthcare administrators call us stupid, dumb, dangerous, misinformed, and the new pandemic for simply questioning the politicization of the virus and believing in our immune system. That, likewise, shouldn’t give anyone any pause to stand by their values.

Don’t forget Saul Alinsky’s twelfth rule for radicals, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The opposition and leftists are using this perfectly today. They use Alinsky’s rules to “Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” I remember this when the opposition is slinging their arrows. Thomas Jefferson once said that “The tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” Although today’s woes might only be described as a cold civil war, the blood of relationships and careers might be the cost of our conservative values. So my employer can fire me for being a risk to the workplace, and my school board can hide behind their virtual meetings because they’re scared of parents, and I might lose a family relationship because I chose to be in charge of my health and not let someone else tell me what to do. I will wear the monikers bestowed on me from the opposition with pride because I know where I stand in the eyes of history as a patriot with those who stand beside me. Although for now, I guess I am a terrorist.