I Won’t Back Down

By: - February 2, 2021

I’ve made plenty of references to the Matrix on my program, and boring you or beating a dead horse is not the intention that I come to my studio with every day. The purpose and calling for ‘Patriotically Correct’ is to go where nobody else will go, show you the facts, investigate stories, vet information, interview experts, find truth and be boldly unafraid to bring it to you in the most raw and unfiltered fashion I’m capable of.

But what if the truth doesn’t line up with the narrative of the deep state that controls everything you see in the Matrix? What if every platform we know of is made unavailable for the facts or theories that we wish to present in the most integrity-filled manner possible, because the criminals that fund the outlets will do absolutely everything in their power to cover-up their crimes, silence accusers, destroy evidence and persecute the messenger that carries it?
I have been shadow-banned on Twitter, deleted multiple times on Facebook, de-platformed and demonetized on YouTube and threatened by networks because I’ve ‘pushed the limits’, I’ve crossed the barrier of ‘comfort’ for the perpetuators of evil, disinformation and lies too many times for them to allow me to continue. They’re afraid.
Look at your television at night. Watch the ‘stories’ made up of everything fake. It’s all nonsense. All of it. It’s all totally fake. The anchors, the pundits, the ‘experts’ and interviews – fake, fake, fake and FAKE! The stories, the narratives, the ‘science’, the numbers – fake, fake, fake and FAKE! ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the FOX News channel – ALL FAKE! You can see it on their faces, and you can hear it in their voice. They don’t believe a damn thing that they’re saying, and you know you’re right! You’re not crazy!
There’s a reason why Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and General Michael Flynn (just to name a few) aren’t absolutely crushing it in the social media world right now, and the reason is because they’ve been persecuted. They’ve been slandered and defamed. They’ve been relentlessly attacked in a vicious effort to discredit these truth-telling and distinguished carriers of knowledge so that you may begin to question the validity of their message. You may start to accept the lies you’re being force-fed by those that risk nothing and stand to gain it all by continuing to regurgitate flat-out lies with no feeling of guilt, no feeling of shame and no moral compass as they spin every story into a propaganda piece to feed the beast that they depend on to stay alive. The beast that, in return, allows them to stay relevant and live rich and lavish lifestyles unaffected by the restrictions, mandates, closures and laws enacted for those that supposedly sent them to their power-filled chairs in our nation’s capitol, which was supposedly violently attacked by Trump-supporting patriots that love this country, embrace the idea of a free republic, honor the men and women in uniform that serve in our great military or as cops on the violence-filled streets of Democrat-controlled cesspools of crime and corruption.
I’m not alone here, we are all raising kids, some of you watching grandkids grow, some of you just starting a family and it’s scary as hell to be here in this world right now as a father that wants nothing more than for these innocent gifts from God to be able to live and be free, see the world through the eyes of innocence, play sports, ride their bikes, play in the dirt and eat too much ice cream. I see them on their swing set or helping the neighbor by shoveling her driveway and being invited in for a hot chocolate or a place to warm up, and it fills my heart with joy. These are the things that we want for our future generations, and these are the reasons that so many brave men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice on our soil and around the world to liberate the United States and preserve the freedom of America for so many years.
I care about you, but I don’t care about your feelings. I will not ‘play it safe’ or back off. I will not entertain the idea of self-censorship, and I will not cower or bow to any of these criminal liars while I watch a man who was installed into the highest chair in the world sign a record-smashing and unprecedented number of executive actions that crush the backbone of the American economy.
I will not take a backseat while the fastest growing political organization and corporation openly broadcasts their goal of the destruction of the nuclear family right out in the wide open on national television, burn down businesses, and violently riot in the streets of this country only to get nominated for a ‘peace prize’.
I will not carefully choose my words while those that preach science, safety and health cripple your ability to socialize with friends, gather with family or open the doors to your business, only to turn around and do something completely different as they sit maskless in baseball stadiums, travel the world for family weddings and gather with other elitist millionaires over white linen-draped tables at the French Laundry.
I will not remain silent while major cable broadcast network anchors look directly into the lens of a camera and tell the whole world about a virus that’s so dangerous and how you and I will be imminently doomed to certain death if we aren’t vaccinated, but carelessly get caught on a hot mic in the White House press room laughing it up together talking about the REAL numbers being less deadly than the flu.
I refuse to watch my own bobber while people are out here dying from pneumonia, influenza, strokes, heart failure, car crashes and catastrophic accidents only to have their surviving family members lied to about the cause of death for a $39,000 check and another notch on the ticker relentlessly displayed at the bottom of your television screen 24 hours a day.
I can’t hold my tongue while a man that literally slept with a Chinese spy for many years remains on the intelligence committee in the United States Congress and has access to our nation’s most guarded secrets is appointed as an impeachment manager for a phony trial being carried out for political vengeance because a man that they hate told his supporters to be ‘patriotic and peaceful’.
I will not quietly go away while executives at giant high-tech companies are exposed, on tape for the world to see, for being politically biased purveyors of lies and disinformation only to turn around and take away my platform with ‘strikes’ and ‘independent fact-checkers’ in an overt assault on my right to speak freely.
I will not take the bait when supposedly ‘elected’ representatives tell me that every police officer is a racist and cops are getting away with murder on a daily basis, but refuse to talk about minority communities participating in their own genocide as black kids are killing each other at alarming rates in the streets of neighborhoods that have been under the control of progressives for decades.
I will not allow hypocritical and evil narcissists’ overreach into my gun safe and tell me to disregard the Second Amendment and turn over my guns, because guns kill people, while at the same time encouraging young women to take the life of an innocent unborn child and offer to pay for it with the money I’ve busted my ass to earn.
I’m not turning off my mic when the name George Soros comes up, and when the truth about Hollywood and DC participation in child sex trafficking is the topic of conversation, I won’t ‘ease up’.
I care greatly about each and every one of you, but I couldn’t care less about your feelings, because if this conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to start with what’s in the mirror.
You know the truth. You know what you see, and you know what you hear. Do NOT, for one second, allow yourself to feel crazy or guilty for believing what your eyes and ears allow you to know to be true.
The great awakening cannot be for naught. We cannot let this opportunity to light the fire of exposure and action be extinguished, as the flame has only just recently been lit by a man that pulled the curtains back and opened our eyes to the reality of the world, to the depth of the swamp and, most important, the plan to pull the plug and drain it all.

Edmund Burke famously and rightfully said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”