ISIS Or Taliban?

When asked how the bombers were able to approach U.S. forces outside of the Hamid Karzai International Airport yesterday, top U.S. commander General Kenneth McKenzie said that there had “clearly been a failure” from the Taliban forces checking people outside the airport.

He went on to say the U.S. would “try to make all our practices better as we go forward”. The latest reports from General McKenzie have stated that U.S. authorities believe the Islamic State Group (ISIS-K) was behind the attacks in order to keep America believing that the Taliban are partners or at least co-belligerents. General McKenzie’s report went on to say that the U.S. military is coordinating and sharing information with the Taliban to prevent future attacks.

OpsLens Truth Brigade sources tell us that senior officials and commanders have, since the February 29, 2020 U.S./Taliban Treaty was signed, enforced that all Secret and below reporting (both in daily intelligence reports as well in reporting of significant acts that took place) from DOD attribute all attacks to ISIS even when the attacks were done by or sponsored by, the Taliban. This was done to prevent the public and lower level service members from knowing that the Taliban was still actively killing Americans.  A Top Secret report would attribute the Taliban while the exact same act or report would say ISIS.  This was across DOD in Afghanistan and enforced like a regulation. All reports and OSINT were scrubbed as they felt it would strengthen any back door Taliban treaty. The Taliban was supported with drones and JSOC drone assets jokingly called themselves the Taliban Air Force until knowledge of the nickname became widespread outside of JSOC. General Miller (final commander of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission and United States Forces – Afghanistan from September 2, 2018 to July 12, 2021) then ordered any such references to cease and desist immediately. The Taliban was in-the-know as well and would attack and then allow ISIS to take credit. To reinforce, the same act in reports would be scrubbed to say ISIS instead of Taliban or HQN (Haqqani network). The Taliban/ISIS attribution policy itself was not classified; it was simply policy.