It’s Time For The Patriot To Stand

By: - November 18, 2020

The media-pronounced president-elect has yet to say a word about the inconsistencies at polling places, the unexplained and highly suspicious stop to the counting of ballots, the 4 AM ballot drops of over 100,000 which all went for Biden or the overall reasonable and widespread allegations of a stolen and fraudulent election. He isn’t saying anything, because they’re guilty. 

We have highlighted the audience sizes at the campaign events hosted by each candidate, the boat parades, and vehicle flag lines and we aren’t going to continue to rehash this. You know the numbers, you know about the prolific support and overwhelming grassroots movements for the president, and the physical evidence of overwhelming support for Donald Trump is clear to even the most idiotic of imbeciles. 

The former Vice President has yet to denounce the violent and racist actions of Black Lives Matter, Incorporated or ANTIFA, despite the horrific assaults that occurred in the nation’s capitol during the ‘Million MAGA March’ over this past weekend. Hundreds of the most vulnerable attendees, including primarily elderly people and women, went without police response as officers were more occupied with protecting the very people responsible for the carnage. That’s right. Cops were standing in front of ANTIFA terrorists protecting them from patriots who were rightfully pissed off after witnessing the brutal attacks on the weak. 

Biden hasn’t said anything about any of it. 

Despite the announcement of vaccines with 90-95% effectiveness by two different drug makers, what Biden has addressed are the lockdowns everyone anticipated, making the threats of a ‘cold and dark winter’ Biden promised during the last presidential debate, a reality. Democratically controlled strongholds have already started falling in-line with the new radical totalitarian regime in states like Oregon, where gatherings are limited to six people and the governor there has said violators may face fines and jail time for non-compliance. That’s right. The state says an official announcement was made to Oregon residents that those who fail to comply with the newly imposed tightened restrictions could face a $1,250 fine or up to a month in jail. New Jersey has joined in the Thanksgiving holiday restrictions, and it’s obviously no surprise to anyone that 41 California counties  are now in the most restrictive tier due to the claims of a rise in COVID-19 cases. In some of the more restrictive states like New Mexico, retail stores and malls are closed along with bars and restaurants, hair salons, tattoo parlors, massage parlors, nail salons, barbershops, casinos, theaters, arcades, aquariums, concert venues, amusement parks, dance clubs, state museums and historical sites, golf courses, pools, zoos and state parks.

The United States economy is done. Close up your business and go home. Shut down your aspirations for a successful small company, the introduction of a new invention or the marketing of your newly developed product for the free market. It’s done. Next comes the foreclosure and then the divorce, massive increases in child abuse cases and unprecedented amounts of suicides will consume and overtake America within weeks and the United States will absolutely never recover. 

The restrictions on free speech will continue to tighten as your opinions and questions are removed from social media feeds by big tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, making it impossible for you to keep in touch with your loved ones in the absence of physical and in-person meetings due to COVID restrictions. Anything that opposes, or even remotely calls into question the legitimacy of the presidential election will be banned, and could get you permanently removed from the only platforms you have remaining that keep you in touch with the outside world. 

After Biden has successfully removed the hopes of a Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones, shut down your habitual daily visit to mom in her extended care living facility and taken away any hope your kids may have of interaction with their peers, sports teams or clubs, he will come for more. The radical regime filled with power and money hungry progressives will come right after your guns with Beto O’Rourke at the helm as Biden’s gun czar. Amendment 2 is in place so that Americans can protect themselves from a tyrannical government, and tyranny has arrived. 

We have seen the evidence of irregularities in this stolen election, and it’s going to be left to real patriots to take a stand and proclaim that these radical, fascist, self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist progressive lunatics will NOT steal this country.  This country, whose freedom has been gained through the spilling of the blood of brave men and women that have fought so ferociously to secure the individual liberties enjoyed by the citizens of the greatest country the planet has ever known.