Let’s Go Snipe Hunting

I have this very annoying (to the political left) habit of critically thinking when I read what is being put forth in the media.  This week’s round of media propaganda continues along with the theme of “systemic white supremacy and racism” we have been hearing so much of over this past year.  An article I focused on is titled “Pentagon Chief Orders Military Wide ‘Stand-Down’ to Tackle Elusive Issue of Extremism”.

Let us first look at the meaning of the term “stand-down.”  Stand-down means to go off duty or relax from a state of readiness, particularly in a military situation.  The new Secretary of Defense has “ordered a military wide ‘stand-down’.”  Does this mean that the overarching mission of rank-and-file service men and women of the U.S. Department of Defense has been halted until the “elusive” extremists have been rooted out?  Words have meaning and speaking them has far reaching ramifications, therefore they should be used very selectively and carefully.

Now we should examine the subject of “systemic white supremacy and racism”, specifically as it pertains to our federal government system.   Over the past year Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters burned and looted our cities, justifying their actions with the mantra and claims of systemic white supremacy and racism.  Their actions were condoned by many members of the Democrat Party.  However, with all the “woke” population and the myriad of governmental agencies investigating the claim, there does not seem to be any actual evidence that such a grand coven actually exists.  If all these racist white supremacists control the U.S. military how is that the present Secretary of Defense achieved the rank of General (Four Stars) in the Army?

I do not believe for one second that the new Secretary of Defense believes there is a problem with “extremism” within the Department of Defense.  What I do believe is that he has become a political hack attempting to carry out the objectives of the Democrat Party who are attempting to drive the nation into the socialist/communist abyss.  They know that members of the armed services tend to be conservative.  It is simple, they seek to change the collective consciousness of those men and women by conducting a sham snipe hunt.  They will be looking at social media postings, interrogating services members, accusing them of racism, and attempting to purge the upper command of anyone who speaks out against this affront to our nation.

For those who do not know history, this sort of thing has happened before in other nations.  In the 1930s, Stalin purged his military of anyone he felt was not completely in support of the Soviet socialist revolution.  At least he was up-front and honest about it, he had anyone he did not trust executed.  This purge of our Department of Defense will destroy the lives of many dedicated patriotic people who have served this country with honor and distinction.  It is offensive to every veteran and should be resisted by every member of our armed forces.