Think Critically, Learn to Identify Propaganda

Over the past several years, because of my growing concern for the ever-increasing push by the political “left” to bring forth a totalitarian form of government, I have been paying a great deal more attention to what is being published as “journalism.”  In order to do this, I have agreed to be sent notices by many “media outlets.”  I have found that many of these claimed media outlets are simply propaganda mills churning out large volumes of opinion pieces under a veil that exists, because of the American population’s desire to believe professional journalism still prevails.

The other day, I received a notice of the promulgation of an article that caught my attention.  It is not my intent to disparage the author of the article in any manner.  I am sure that she is intelligent, articulate, and very accomplished.  However, her article demonstrates the use of rhetoric intended to sway public opinion toward acceptance of the leftist narrative.

“The Defense Department broadly has struggled to get a handle on the problem of extremism, including white supremacy, in its ranks. A senior official told reporters on Thursday that the Pentagon has seen an increase in white supremacist beliefs among both active-duty service members and veterans, but was unable to provide concrete figures…”

Note the use of: “including white supremacy,” and “the Pentagon has seen an increase in white supremacist beliefs…”  “White supremacist” is repeated in the same paragraph to drive home the theory.  At no point does she or any of the other “media” who “reported” on this subject appear to ask the question if other extremist fringe elements beliefs, such as that of Antifa are becoming problematic.

This author or journalist might not be actively attempting to promote the propaganda of the left.  She may have accepted the party line or may not have the intellectual ability to objectively analyze information on her own.  In either circumstance, the readers are being directed, or misdirected toward a narrative that is attempting to condition their beliefs and thought processes.  The narrative is that there is a vast “white supremacist” conspiracy that is attempting to destroy our nation and the morally righteous “Black Lives Matter” and other such movements are attempting to save us from the “racist” depravity.

We have to start questioning what is being presented and demand verifiable objective factual evidence of any claim.  The rhetoric of the left focuses on emotional belief.  They repeat, over and over, time after time, claims of offenses that the majority of the American public find repugnant, without providing actual evidence of a “systemic” collusion.  They point to isolated anecdotal situational examples, repeat the imagery and mantra so many times that the public becomes convinced that there are systemic (nation-wide) issues.  Their methodology directs public attention and understanding away from an educated comprehensive awareness so that they can capitalize on isolated incidents.

The American population must think critically and learn to identify propaganda.  We are not a nation of racist bigots as the leftists have been trying to convince us with their hate-filled propaganda.  The collective will of our American society has achieved wondrous things, because we respect and honor the lives of all people.  We combine the strengths of our many diversified cultures into a marvelous montage of humanity that is revered across the world.  We must not allow the left to destroy us with their vile obsession to seize power where their only purpose is to have control.