Like, OMG…Mini-AOC!

By: - October 9, 2019

Well, there is only one AOC whose ideations of how the planet ought to be are…interesting. By interesting I do not mean substantive in any plausible way or form. More like mindboggling, and not in an accepting and supportive way. So much for critical thinking skills, eh? Don’t know about you but, depending on my mood of the moment, I either derive pure entertainment from any of AOC’s public-speaking platforms or remain vexed over how she did it. By did it, I mean somehow achieve election to the U.S. Congress. (That portends meaty matter for another article pertaining to constituency.)

I admit I ceased searching for material exhibiting AOC. The abundance of such seemed to render any search an overkill gesture. Even without looking for her latest tirades and attempts at substance, things pop up…such as the following caricature depiction and intriguing spoofy short video which made me jiggle in the belly:

Despite the plethora of OMGs and almost everything prefaced with the word “Like…” I am more inclined to dedicate my time to this youngster who appears to have a decent grasp of the (ahem) congresswoman she imitates. Is it just me or does this young girl’s backdrop appear to be that of an angel? It does make sense, since the red horns are taken by a Bronx bartender who is costing us taxpayers too much money in salary alone…with nothing in return other than comedy relief which we can all get more affordably elsewhere. Pity her constituents.

Some adults have nothing but junk coming from their mouths whereas some kids have absolute spunk and the ability to exhibit it. The kids have it; The Squad does not. Like, you know what I mean. OMG, I find it easy to laugh at AOC and her ilk. I also find it easy to laugh with children in their purely innocent moments of sheer joy, like this little girl enjoying her world, with hardly any utterance:

By the way: At about 1:06, does it appear she, too, is mimicking AOC?