Long-Shot Presidential Candidate Bill de Blasio Just Sealed His Fate

By: - May 30, 2019

No one wants criminals roaming freely—except criminals. Other than said criminals, I think we can all agree on that.

New York City mayor and 2020 presidential bidder Bill de Blasio has announced his plan to liberate teens (defendants aged of 16-19) charged with robbery and assault, enabling them to roam among law-abiding citizens. De Blasio dressed the blunderous move as “criminal justice reform.” I wonder how those law-abiding citizens feel about rubbing elbows with thugs who are given the proverbial free pass via the jail’s turnstile, thanks to their liberal-minded mayor’s maneuver. I mean, with a get-out-of-jail-free policy, how does this rein in bad people who wish to pillage and/or harm good folks? To punctuate this nonsensical scheme, he proposes zero bail too. So when he says set them free, he really means free.

Sounds like a copycat scheme promoting illegal immigrants voting so Dems can garner more support.

After all, we are talking about a zany mayor who oversees a sanctuary city. So why not move the chains downfield and also coddle criminals while we’re at it?

The New York Post‘s report on this saga opened with the following hook: “Mayor Bill de Blasio hopes to ‘more than triple’ the number of teens who are released from city jails with no bail on charges as serious as armed robbery, assault and burglary.” And de Blasio’s policy, which commences Saturday, “primarily covers  ‘high-risk’ teens charged with misdemeanors or non-violent felonies but will be expanded to include first- and second-degree robbery, assault and burglary.” In New York, “Those offenses generally involve using a deadly weapon or inflicting physical injury on a victim [emphasis added],” according to the Post‘s Rebecca Rosenberg and Bruce Golding.

Does “high-risk” carry no significance? Mind you, although the word teens has a tendency to conjure aww-shucks sentiments, 18 and up means adulthood. Big leagues. Decisions made, consequences due.

The victims? Oh well, implies de Blasio. (I’m still scorched by the young punk who placed a gun barrel in my mother’s ear in Brooklyn, ripping from her arm a purse, causing her to become agoraphobic.)

All this leads to a major question: Why have police officers bust their hump only to watch bad guys walk? Yet, de Blasio has the nerve to walk (smiling) among NYPD personnel, the same warriors who jump into the fray of Big Apple crime and yank the worm and box it into a cell until justice decides fate. Baffling leadership is one thing, magnified by the fact that this is a Democratic bigwig whose buffoonery has been…legendary.

Surreal yet so real, confirmed by his Office of Criminal Justice whose purpose is “to advise the mayor on solutions to the city’s public safety problems by looking at the criminal justice system as a whole—and beyond.” How profound! How pathetic, how cavalier to second-seat well-meaning citizens whose tax dollars fund the system he is retoolingagainst them. Did Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro sneak into Gracie Mansion and provide complimentary advice on how to botch things up? Can you see the irony of that office’s purpose? Justice for whom? If I were a criminal I would take occupancy in the Big Apple like the other worms he destines to free. Why not? He’s rewriting statutory, punitive stipulations. So much for penal code. Heck, guess we won’t need many judges much longer. Off with their heads, save the bad boys instead.

Such an asinine “criminal justice reform” measure does nothing but slap the police square in the face and places citizens at great risk. It’s a preposterous move. It’s a sellout. And he wants to lead the United States of America, ladies and gentlemen, with disingenuous policies such as this.

By the way: that “high-risk” classification we discussed earlier was also tinkered. According to the New York-based media, “the new policies also raise the threshold at which defendants are labeled a ‘high risk’ for getting rearrested, by nearly doubling the number of “risk points” needed for that designation, from five to at least nine.” Raising the bar or lowering it dramatically? If only legitimate citizens hard-pressed in life can be granted such charity, eh?

It’s stupid stuff like this that stymies. It is people like Mr. de Blasio who boggle the mind with obnoxious ideas sold via liberal lips accompanied by a smile…as if New Yorkers are supposed to enjoy the hatched plan as if it were a large bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries.

With regard to de Blasio’s approval ratings: he is at the very bottom of the Dem pack. Gee, wonder why. Oh, one more thing: he used to work for Hillary Clinton. Good luck in 2020, Hizzoner!