Message to Minneapolis Mayor’s Ban on ‘Warrior-Style’ Training: Free Warrior Training for City’s Cops

By: - April 26, 2019

Taking bold action against the liberty-infringing, social justice-oozing Democrat politicians running so many American cities, the Minneapolis police union is defying a controversial anti-officer safety decision Mayor Jacob Frey made recently.

In a previous article, I wrote about Mayor Frey who, without discussing it with or notifying the cop’s union, banned officers from attending “warrior”-style training—even if they pay for it themselves and attend seminars while off-duty. This type of training is some of the best officer-survival instruction a cop can get.

Mayor Frey apparently doesn’t believe a police officer can build a positive relationship with the public if he or she has been well-trained to face life-threatening dangers from anyone at any time. As cops know, danger comes in strange and often unmarked packages, and there’s often no notice when they’re about to receive one.

According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis police union president Lt. Bob Kroll said the mayor’s edict was not legal. The police officer union is openly defiant against the mayor’s irresponsible decree. In response, the union has announced a leading law enforcement training organization, Law Officer, will offer warrior-style training to some 900 union members—for free.

According to, “in an exclusive partnership with the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, [Law Officer] will provide their online training program to every member of the Minneapolis Police Department for free.” Law Officer also states, “the offer will continue for the remainder of Mayor Frey’s term.” The training is valued at $55,000.

Travis Yates, Law Officer’s director of training, says they are honored and privileged to provide “training that can ensure they will return home each day to their families regardless of the dangers they may face and the ignorance of some politicians.” Ignorance of some politicians. I wonder who he could be talking about. Nationally, and sadly, too many to count these days.

Lt. Kroll says he’s grateful for the new partnership with Law Officer, their delivering “state-of-the-art warrior training” to the city’s cops, and their willingness to challenge Mayor Frey’s irrational edict.

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