Nation Leaders Volley ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Dotard’ Barbs During Nuke Crisis

By: - September 22, 2017

While a grave nuclear crisis is pointing to potentially hellacious outcomes, two nation leaders volley barbs in the strategic interim.

Whether he is deemed a madman, a dolt, a deranged sociopath, or a poker-bluffing buffoon, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un spewed a phrase at US President Donald Trump, labeling him a “mentally deranged US dotart.” For his part in the name-calling volley, President Trump launched his own lobs, describing Mr. Kim as “obviously a madman” and a “total nut job,” as well as a “maniac.”

Not sure if President Trump’s “rocket man” launched at Kim Jong-un is flattering to Elton John whose lyrics denote an isolate and his cold work climate wanting for something more, much more. Known for spontaneous combustive replies to perceived threats, Pres. Trump comes up with some sharp invective. But how does it serve national security tenets and objectives. Push-comes-to-shove tongue-lashing antics leave me vexed and, frankly, disheartened.

Hearing the word “dotard” certainly conjures imagery of an attention-seeking seemingly inhumane individual who consumed plenty of the 24-hour clock with jabs, taunts and jeers.

As a policeman, I never heard any of the four police chiefs under whom I worked direct a nasty label at an in-custody lawbreaker. Leaders know it is pointless and gains nothing but embarrassment for the agency while exposing character flaws for the leader launching the barbs.

Conversely, hearing the word “dotard” certainly conjures imagery of an attention-seeking seemingly inhumane individual who consumed plenty of the 24-hour clock with jabs, taunts and jeers. Grace and humility prevails in such encounters.

Silence is Golden

Just look at the example portrayed during the recent Floyd Mayweather v. Conor McGregor boxing match. Silence was golden, at least from Mayweather’s control center. Mayweather epitomized controlled tactics while quietly sizing-up his opponent. Situational awareness was a paramount ingredient in wresting victory away from his opponent. He did his job meekly while analyzing his foe who faltered round after round while expending energy taunting and egging-on, culminating in a victorious mega-payday for the one who exhibited reserve and resolve.

In either case, I personally feel the threat of nuclear sparring is not necessarily resolving matters by uttering anecdotal name-calling. North Korea’s people are desperate, and their nation-leader exudes exactly that. But we need not play into his hand.

If I am interpreting Kim Jong-un’s “dotard” comment to be a fusion of Donald and retard, then my contentions herein are acutely focused: imagine the demographic across the globe who were born unique and special, whose saving grace and humility is delivered by a simple smile or giggle.

As a cop, I quietly enjoyed watching suspects and/or arrestees goad me into their verbal traps. Yes, sir and No, ma’m were my cure-all responses, despite serpent tongues hissing every cuss word known to humans. Tacitly, I le them play the fool which resulted in them realizing maturity was necessary to really accomplish the imperative things in life.

Without waxing bias, our nation leader does have a point when he says “rocket man” but I see no point in name-blasting when WWIII is dangling from a high-wire act. At the recent UN Council meeting, Pres. Trump did engender steps via an  executive order regarding North Korea’s ribbing and rocket-flaunting:

OpsLens Senior Contributor Jon Harris covers the particulars contained in Pres. Trump’s executive order.

The barbs lobbed between President Trump and Kim Jong-un are nowhere near apocalyptic than the results of wordless, demonstrated nuclear detonation illustrated atop this article.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me.” Why waste the lung-power? Why entertain the hollowness of flying verbal rockets when we can use that time to further engineer our once-and-for-all blueprint? Never-mind saving face, let’s save ourselves and our allies from absolute decimation. The crisis awaits.