New Orleans Gambit Ignorantly Attacks Veteran in July 4th Hit Piece, Here is His Response

Over the July 4th holiday, the left-wing #FakeNews media over at the New Orleans Gambit decided they need to attack me for a second time in a week regarding my position on veterans’ organizations having their conferences in the City of New Orleans. Of course, this is not the first time the progressive left has attacked me personally over the issue.

Previously, they came after me when my Parish Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution that myself and another veteran proposed. Our motion was regarding the vicious and spiteful removal of American veteran monuments that were beautiful parts of the City’s historical essence and artwork for over 100 years. The editors over at the Gambit were so cowardly that they signed the article “Editorial” and proceeded to use a picture of me in uniform, just to ensure everyone who read the piece knew it was a veteran they were attacking.

It’s too bad they can’t even tell the truth in their hit pieces, it would make for far more interesting writing. This is my response. First, they said I called for a Veteran’s boycott of New Orleans. If these lightweights, who think of themselves as journalists, did a little research they would find the resolution. We did not call for a boycott of New Orleans, but instead for two major national groups to reconsider having their national conventions in the city.

I continue to stand by my call for the VFW and VVA to avoid hosting events in the City of New Orleans. I don’t want New Orleans’ local government to benefit from hotel and convention tax revenue. After all, they just wasted over a million dollars of public funds to remove statues of veterans for no good reason. And yes, for all those lightweight historians out there, these men were American veterans. Shut up trying to use all the issues associated with the Civil War, racism, white supremacy, and slavery. After all, it was the United States of America that failed to abolish the institution of slavery at its birth, despite the principles clearly documented in our Declaration of Independence that, “All men are created equal” with God-given rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” So, if we are to apply these slurs, then it must be to all American historical figures and veterans, since they all stood for and fought for a country that failed at its very conception to rid itself of the despicable institution of slavery.

Second, the liars over at the Gambit tried to imply that I told folks not to visit the World War II museum, when I specifically stated that’s not what we or I am about. Of course, that doesn’t matter because they also tried to disparage my character by opining that maybe I was just stoking the anti-New Orleans fires due to political ambition. They referred to my recent announcement of candidacy for the District 77 State House of Representatives seat in the Louisiana Legislature. Do these supposedly ‘intelligent’ writers really think I would risk being called a racist, white supremacist, supporter of rapists, and traitor to the Constitution I spent more than 32 years defending, based on political ambition? We are all Americans, and we’re all made from every facet of our history, the good and the bad. If those in power in our society can throw parts of our history into the trash bin, what will happen when the power changes hands? Will we sacrifice monuments to George Washington, Andrew Jackson, or Dr. Martin Luther King on this alter of political correctness?

I say to you so-called journalists, don’t use your megaphone and talent to bash Americans you disagree with. Use it to find the truth. Use it to highlight the hard truth that needs the light of day — like New Orleans’ 25% poverty rate and the highest murder rate in the country. These are real issues. Also, use it to highlight the successes of your city, like the ones you mentioned in your hit piece on me — ending homelessness of veterans and the new VA facility. Don’t try to smear an American combat veteran on July 4th by implying I don’t support those efforts. Especially when you know I do. Did you “Truly Honor Veterans” by this article? No, you did not. You only highlighted yourselves as anti-veteran by smearing those who disagree with you and your mayor. Well, I continue to disagree with you and your Mayor, and will work to reverse the city’s actions so that all future Americans will be able to know all the facts of our history, even if it offends us.

As always, while I vehemently disagree with you folks at the Gambit, and all the other #FakeNews media outlets, I stand up and fight for your right to disagree with me. Even if it required giving my “last full measure of devotion” to the United States of America.