Now Is The Time For Conservatism To Shine

By: - March 7, 2022

The past couple weeks have been difficult for many with the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict-turned-war. No one, including Russian and Ukrainian citizens, actually believed Vladimir Putin would use force against the country of Ukraine like he has recently.

On the home front, the political war has also kicked into high gear after former President Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and the Biden administration’s State of the Union Address. Now election season can officially begin.

A tale of two propaganda machines. 

A tale of two State of the Unions.

As we approach another major election, it is our duty to listen to the messages, and have the capability to relay the truth to our families, friends, neighbors, and communities. We know the media and news we hear everyday only gives us portions of the truth, if any at all, and that portion is soaked in bias and deception.

But in order to filter through the lies, we must have a clear mind.

Fortunately, one advantage we have now is the radical left doesn’t even try to hide their agenda anymore. Since the rise of Bernie Sanders on the fringe of the party, Democrats openly advocate for their takeover of society in all aspects… All we need to do is listen.

For example, during the State of the Union, Joe Biden openly advocated for expansion of social programs and government takeover of industry, while showing complete ignorance of economic and energy issues and a lack of strength on foreign policy issues.

But that is the low hanging fruit.

It’s easy to pick on a dementia-ridden liberal with no grasp of reality. That’s the easy part. What conservatives need to focus on now is:

1) A positive message to FIX the issues at hand (relatively easy).
2) A new way to reach new voters on conservative values (a bit more challenging).
3) An awareness of misinformation to lead us down a road of self destruction (our worst enemy).

As most of us know, Republicans are Republicans’ own worst enemy. The last time we had a majority in both chambers of Congress, and the Presidency… We screwed it up big time. It was the moderate/middle of the road RINOs that stopped our agenda of repealing liberal policy… Not Democrats.

We now need to apply this to the ongoing war with Russia/Ukraine. Progressives are the masters of “divide and conquer”, and they will hold no punches in dividing Republicans to self destruct before election season.

We are currently hearing conflicting reports of what’s really happening in Ukraine.

Is Ukraine innocent in the war?
Is Russia working to end corruption in the the Ukrainian government?
Is Russia bombing US biolab sites?
Will Putin really use nuclear weapons?

All of these may be legitimate questions, and we may not know exactly what’s going on there… But we do know this:

1) What the world needs right now is a hero.
Heroes come in many forms. Right now we are seeing the first President of a nation in decades stand on the front line of an ongoing war, rallying his troops and citizens to fight an army well beyond their firepower.

President Zelenskyy is EXACTLY what the world needs right now. A face of patriotism, and someone willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. It’s so refreshing to see in a generation of hashtags and social media “warriors”.
He is also exposing the two-faced corrupt government entities around the globe “showing support” for Ukraine, but unwilling to physically stand up against tyranny they pledged to prevent. Either intentionally, or un-intentionally, he has exposed the ones that talk tough, yet refuse to act.
Side note– This is NOT an endorsement of Zelenskyy on his political stance, nor his operations within government. I have zero understanding or knowledge of how he functions his government, only how he’s handled himself during this ongoing war.

2) We need to remember who the real enemies of freedom are.
Most conservatives can agree Russia has been an enemy of freedom for decades. From the Soviet Union, to watching Putin starve his people with stale bread and vodka, imprison political opponents, have complete control over the media and news outlets, have one of the worlds most sophisticated IT/hacking organizations, and continue to promote top-down communism… The Russian government (not the people) has been a threat to the United States.
Not to mention their ties to the Biden family, the Clinton foundation, and other extreme progressives and elites in the US.

In the war of ideas and liberty, Russia is the LAST place anyone should be putting their faith in to “end corruption, globalism, or elitism”.

As we go further into 2022, we’ve seen great victories in ending COVID mandates, exposing the radical left, and winning the war on information to the votes. We are in a great spot to slide into election season.

Let’s stand united against socialism.
Against communism.
Against progressivism.

And FOR the advancement of our three pillars of conservatism… Life. Liberty. And Private Property.

2022 is OUR year.

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