Patriotically Correct Radio Host Stew Peters 10 August 2020 Monologue

By: - August 14, 2020

Please allow me to introduce Stew Peters, the host of The Patriotically Correct Radio Show, also known as PC Radio.  Former bounty hunter Stew Peters and co-host Richard Leonard have spent over a decade searching for some of the most violent criminals wanted by the Court. Their quick wit, candid opinions and engaging conversation have made the Patriotically Correct Radio Show one of the most popular radio programs in America. Let’s begin with Stew’s monologue from the August 10th episode…

I wish we could go back to September 12, 2001. Not because we celebrate the most prolific and devastating attack on America that the world has ever witnessed, but because what happened on our soil the very next day was even more breath-taking.

On September 12, 2001 it didn’t matter that you were a Christian or a Muslim. It didn’t matter if you were gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, divorced or happily married, black or white. It didn’t matter if you believed in abortion or life, if you supported the fiscal policies of the Bush 43 administration, or even who you voted for in the previous presidential election.

What mattered is that you were an American. We didn’t see each other in the natural physical light of appearance or ideological individual belief systems with which we were raised. It didn’t matter if you had a criminal history, it didn’t matter if you were a celebrity from Hollywood or a farmer from Indiana.

From Los Angeles to Ground Zero the only thing that was on fire was the spirit of American patriotism. Every household from small town Iowa and Wisconsin to the inner cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Detroit flew a flag representing who we were; and we were angry.

We, as Americans, were angry and united against anyone or anything that would dare try to bring our system to its knees. The very system that provides equal rights to all Americans under the Constitution. The very system that gives every American the right to free speech, the right to prosper, the freedom to believe in whatever higher power or god you so choose, and the equal right to succeed or fail. The very system that makes our nation the greatest country on the face of the planet, and that cannot be disputed. That is a fact.

About a million legally migrate to the United States from around the world every year, and call America home. Even more come here illegally, and will stop at nothing, even risking their lives in some cases, to land on American soil for the opportunities provided by our system of equality. They flee dangerous countries ruled by dictators and systems proven to fail their citizens, like socialism and fascism, so that they can escape the systemic racism and oppression of those who crave power and will stop at nothing, even murder or worse – genocide, to get it.

It is in these failed third-world countries where citizens are killed for being a skeptic and speaking out against their tyrannical leaders, they’re hanged for being gay, and imprisoned for talking to their neighbors without permission from their government. State-sponsored government propaganda machines, known as the “media”, control the message they hear and are forced to believe because there is no alternative message, no debate, no room for the truth; because the truth is that they’re imprisoned, and that they’re slaves given the illusion of freedom; or even worse in many countries, they’re slaves without the promise of liberty, but threatened with their own death or the murder of their wives and children should they choose to object to their leaders or attempt to flee in search of safety and asylum.

America is the greatest because it’s full of Americans. Americans who understand that we are who we are because of what we’ve been through together. Not just in the September 11 attacks that forever changed who we are and how we operate in airports, at train stations and other public gathering areas hosting large crowds – but because of our history. Think about that.

Our history as individuals has a direct result on who we become as people, and who we become as people is a direct reflection on the experiences we have been through, the way we were raised and the mistakes we’ve made in our childhoods, young adulthood and even as grown people. Someone, for example, that grew up in a broken home, grew up poor or rich, came from a divorced home or lived like the Brady family, Wally and the Beave or faced adversity and killed problems with love similar to the Huxtables.

It’s a known fact that we are who we are because of what we’ve been through. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher famously said, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”, which is ironic, his having been rather short and miserable, but the phrase continues to resonate with American culture, even cited in recent times by Kanye West, a black hip-hop artist best known in recent times for his support of President Trump, and now I guess “candidate for President of the United States” running against the incumbent for whom he was outcasted for supporting.

If we were all given the opportunity to go back in time and delete or cancel our mistakes and hardships, would you? It would seem to me that would just be wrong in so many ways because we would have no idea who we are, why we’re here, how we got to this point, or most importantly – where to go from here.

The fact that black people were owned as slaves for “white colonizers” isn’t a part of American history that any sensible person would be proud of, but proud rather of the strength leaders found to free slaves and turn our nation into one striving every day for equality, progressing every year for equal rights, giving every man woman and child the opportunity for an education, entrepreneurship, and the American dream. The idea that every person, no matter the color of their skin, sexual preference or political ideology would be afforded the protection of rights by the documents which founded our country and the protection of our military, that we shall remain free thanks to the honor of brave men and women who have volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice and die in a pile of spent shell casings in some hell-hole country that they’ve never been to as we confront our enemies that wish to bring us to our knees – and do it on their soil so that the fight may never come to our shores again.

The protection of our brave men and women in uniform that serve our communities as cops that will run toward gunfire to protect people they have never even met, without stopping to look at the color of the skin of the person they’re protecting. I’ll go out on a limb here and venture to speculate there are no instances in which a police officer has stopped to ask a potential victim if they’re a Republican or Democrat, gay or straight or who they intend to vote for on November 3rd before deciding whether or not they were going to pursue the criminal that did or attempted to bring harm to the safety of themselves, their property or their family. That would just be a ridiculous notion and nobody of sound mind would actually believe it to be true.

Sadly, we are rapidly losing this sense of pride in our country. Not because Americans are losing their feeling of patriotism, but because we are being programmed by a group of extremist radical Marxists that have hijacked the Democratic political party in their desperate attempt to hold onto the power they have, and to exponentially increase that power and authority every day.

Laws and regulations rapidly flow out of Washington restricting the individual liberties of citizens who are given the illusion of freedom while actually being indoctrinated, starting at a very young age, in our schools where the majority of educators have adopted the theory of social justice in the name of apologizing to the world and to minorities in our own country for the very history that created us. Rather than teaching history to young and impressionable minds, we choose to delete, ignore, or “cancel” our history by trashing the textbooks that objectively depict past American events, remove statues around the country and demand reparations for the actions of our ancestors.

Liberal progressives actually embrace events that divide Americans, and push their agenda by framing any “crisis” in the light of intolerance, hate, division or racism. The American media that used to bring you the news has become the propaganda machine for the extreme left. The New York Times and CNN will blatantly ignore black-on-black crime, murders involving guns in Chicago (the most gun-controlled city in America) or even violent riots on American streets resulting in the loss of life. They deny it. They shamelessly pretend it’s not even happening, and if you should so dare to object to this denial, you’ll be censored from social media, doxed in real life and be called a racist heathen for illustrating or sharing real events as they unfold or facts that don’t care about feelings.

In 2020, the perfect storm is upon us. The threat of the coronavirus is displayed ruthlessly on your living room television 24 hours each day using a ticker to count the deaths of Americans labeled as COVID-related. Masks are required in most states, even while in your car and now in your own home – dehumanizing people, not allowing for smiles to be seen or facial expressions to be recognized by your neighbor, your spouse or the check-out person at the supermarket. Gatherings at your local parks have been banned, you will not go to concerts or rodeos, and if you do you will be fined or even arrested. You’re not allowed to open the business that you’ve risked everything to start, your kids may not be able to go to school and don’t you dare try to attend a church service or experience any fellowship that may bring you within six feet of any other human. If your kids previously played sports or go camping with the Boy Scouts there’s no doubt the events have been cancelled in the name of “safety” and “protection”.

Combined with the China virus, extremist liberal progressives are using the tragic death of an African American man in police custody to insert the false narrative of systemic racism amongst law enforcement officers across the country.

The media is sponsoring a war on cops that indicts everyone wearing a badge and a gun for the actions of one man in Minneapolis. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Nancy Pelosi and other scared and feckless leaders will tell you this was a racially motivated murder. They’ll tell you that before any facts have been brought before a court, before any evidence has been submitted for a jury and before any convictions or sentencing has been handed down by a district court judge – and don’t take my word for it, research it yourself. Within hours of the death of George Floyd, the mayor of that city, Jacob Frey, framed the death of George Floyd as racist and demanded the firing and charging of any police officer that was at or near the scene, promising his constituents “swift justice” and fundamental change within the Minneapolis Police Department.

Frey incited riots and not only allowed, but sheepishly encouraged violence against police officers, the destruction of property and ultimately the loss of life in Minneapolis as criminal thugs filled the streets and committed felonies without the threat of arrest.

There are two ways to get someone to do something, and almost always find success. One is to tell someone they can’t do it. A challenge capitalizes on the competitive nature of another which almost always pushes them to “do the impossible”, or “accept the challenge”. But the number two way to move a crowd in any direction you wish, and the most proven method of control comes by using fear. Fear of failure or misery. Fear of sickness. Fear of harm or death. Facts don’t matter when fear exists – and people are more willing to do the unthinkable or make moves they would ordinarily question with great fervency, for example kneeling before a violent mob or willfully handing over your belongings because you’ve been encouraged to do so by an actual letter written to Minneapolis citizens by their police department.

So why are elected officials kneeling before violent criminal thugs in Minneapolis and around the country? If the movement to defund the police is actually successful, and the inmates are running the jail, what can we expect to transpire on the streets of our once-united country?

What are the benchmarks we are striving for? Violent rioters and some peaceful protesters are shouting things like “no justice, no peace”. So what does justice look like? When nearly every major democratically run city is on fire, police precincts are being overtaken, cops are being shot at, businesses are being attacked and literally everything stolen from retailers as organized groups loot and pillage merchandise – where do we go from here?

The family of George Floyd has repeatedly stated that Floyd would not have wanted any of this in his name, but those messages fall on deaf ears. The carrot of peace and compromise can be held in front of the rabbit, but if he’s unwilling to bite the carrot becomes useless.

The Democrat party has been hijacked. Democrats are good people. I know them. Some of the people I happen to be closest to are generally liberal-minded people, and I love them. They’re sensible people that typically debate small points of contention that create the proverbial divide between the donkeys and elephants. We oftentimes joke about it at gatherings of our own. But today’s radicals are the true wolves in sheep’s clothing. Camouflaged in the cloak of the donkey and blue neck tie but represent something completely different. Something we have seen time and time again. Something we have seen failed, and something we have seen result in the loss of liberty, the loss of freedom, and even the loss of life. They are fascists. They’re self-proclaimed socialists. They’re racists with one single objective, and they will stop at nothing to gain control and power to make you bow, literally on your knees, to radical political groups like Black Lives Matter.

The extremist liberal left is rumored to be organizing the targeting of prominent conservatives in their homes, and violence has been threatened at the polling booths. An undercover insider has recently recorded a call to action for a nationwide 100 day siege to escalate civil unrest leading up to Election Day. According to organizers, “we need to prepare for this new terrain. Cops enforcing domestic property disturbances more aggressively than political office sit-ins and brutality by federal officers in cities across the country”. This can be directly tied to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a part of the so-called “squad”, and PC Radio will get to the bottom of this, we promise to be relentless seekers of the truth.

Most of these elected leaders from the radical left have no problems wearing the hat of a medical expert when they demand you wear a bio suit to get a haircut or prohibit you from seeing your grandmother in her assisted living facility where, by the way, they have no problems placing COVID-diagnosed elderly people as a place for them to go and die, essentially turning nursing homes into modern-day progressive death camps. But ask them to talk to you about it, directly and they won’t. Ask them for a civil debate – I dare you; you’ll be labeled an extremist, a bigot or a conspiracy theorist while they dismiss your invite as a hostile attack that may hurt their feelings. Janee Harteau, the former failed Minneapolis police chief has been invited on this show, but as no surprise to PC Radio, staff has declined to respond.

Democrat leaders like Jerrold Nadler have actually gone so far as to say the violent riots in Portland are a myth, and insinuated that it’s not even really happening. They’re in complete denial. They’re lying, and the media won’t show you any of this. Why?

In Minneapolis, the City Council, along with Minnesota Attorney General and once extremist Muslim Keith Ellison, formerly Keith Hakim, has advocated for a plan that would mirror the action of the St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department that would send unarmed “public safety liaisons” or social workers, to calls that police would normally respond to. Some of these “non-violent” calls that would get no police response would be disorderly intoxication, mental health crisis, drug overdose, homeless complaints or neighborhood disputes. Any sane person who has dealt with any of these issues being labeled “non-violent” knows that each of these have an extremely high likelihood that the suspect involved will become escalated and the scene could rapidly deteriorate resulting in physical aggression or resistance and require the justified use of force in order to control the situation.

You may be thinking this is crazy! It won’t really ever come to that. But don’t just believe me, look around at what city leaders and police administrators are saying across the country. The efforts to fundamentally change policing in our major U.S. cities are endorsed by city council members, mayors, top cops and elected officials that don’t care to listen to the citizens that reside in these cities and depend on the blanket of protection provided by the police; and the message is suspiciously synonymous. The verbiage is almost identical from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Jacob Frey in Minneapolis; and leaders from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, Baltimore and everywhere in between – all seem to be reading from the same script. The question is…who is writing the script?

Here to try to help us answer these questions is Dustin Reichert. Reichert is a former Anoka County Sheriff’s Deputy in Minnesota, who was involved in a critical incident resulting in gunfire which he writes about in his book, 10-88! Officer Down, available now on his website He’s an expert in the field of drugs and drug influence, and has firsthand experience in the world of police shootings, police use of force and post-traumatic stress.

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