Police beat down Dutch farmer protesters with batons

By: - August 5, 2022

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Dutch police beat down protesting farmers, August 2022 (video screenshot)

(BREITBART) – Police in the Netherlands were filmed forcefully cracking down on a protest from a Dutch farmer group over the removal of an anti-government mural in the city of Almelo on Monday afternoon.

Following an order from Mayor Arjen Gerritsen to remove a mural of the inverted Dutch flag, which has become a symbol of the farmer protest movement as it is seen locally as a show of dissatisfaction with the government, a group of protesters came to defend the mural, which was painted on a wall near the town hall of Almelo, local broadcaster RTV Oost reported.

The mural also featured the words “no farmers, no food,” referencing the EU-driven green agenda that globalist PM Mark Rutte is trying to impose. Under the scheme, nitrogen emissions would have to be cut by 70 per cent by 2030, putting at least 30 per cent of farms in the country at risk of closing.

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