President Trump Will Start WW III? Really?

By: - September 23, 2019

It was all the talk when he got elected. He was a loose cannon. He was brash. He was unhinged. Donald Trump did not understand diplomacy. He has the nuclear codes, OMG! Start gathering food and water and get your bug-out bags ready. President Trump will send us to WWIII.

When he was elected in 2016 that was the mantra. Now that he is running again, the same old tired chant and beat of the imaginary war drums play loudly in the media and in the ears of the leftist political strategists.

President Trump is going to start a war with Russia. No, that did not happen and there is no chance of it at all. Then there were the stories where he was pulling us out of NATO to help his friend Putin. No, he just pressured NATO to pay their fair share, which they are now doing.

He will start a war with North Korea, it is imminent. No, he is the first and only president to actually step foot in North Korea. He is the first to engage in direct talks and negotiations with the North Korean leader resulting in a halt to nuclear testing by the North.

He will start a massive war in Syria. No, he has pulled us out of that country for the most part. He will start a war with Iran…it’s coming any day now.  No, he has shown restraint and has resisted even suggestions within his own cabinet to take military actions against Iran.

Afghanistan will see Trump send thousands of troops to their death there. No, he is trying to find a way to get us out of the decades-old war he inherited.

So, it has to be China, right? Buzzz! Wrong again. Trade wars and shooting wars are not the same. President Trump understands well the power the U.S. can bring without resorting to military action.

All the hand-wringing and proclamations of the world coming to an end under President Trump, the impending military conflicts, and the inevitable nuclear apocalypse are all just the same old stuff the opposition trots out to find a way, any way, to counter the inevitable. Trump is most likely going to be reelected in 2020 and they know there is almost no way to stop it. So, the opposition grabs at any straw they can, and their bunch of straws is getting pretty thin.

He has rebuilt the military, something that was so needed. This in fact reduces the chance of war. He has interfaced with world leaders of countries that the U.S. shunned before. Certainly not talking to the other side is a sure way to solve problems. Wrong!  Hell, Trump’s opposition got so petty that they complained more about where he would meet a diplomat than if he would meet or who it was.

Lastly, and the latest attempt to make people fear the president, is that he will start WWIII on behalf of Israel or Saudi Arabia. Please, this is just getting stupid.

In my opinion, and like the old saying goes, “Everybody has one.” People need to look at the facts, not listen to the partisan-driven dribble that oozes out of the TV.

Hey, that reminds me of a Frank Zappa song.