Protein Powder vs. Protein Shots Compared– Frog Fuel Collagen Protein

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If you’re thinking about trying protein supplements for the first time, then protein shots may suit your goals better than any of the various types of protein powder on the market. But how do you know which one to choose? 

What are the pros and cons of protein powder? Should you look for liquid protein supplements instead?

Everyone’s body is unique, and we have our own goals, but today we want to provide a side by side comparison of different types of protein supplements available so you can make the right choice. 

The protein shot we’ll be most often putting under the microscope is Frog Fuel. Frog Fuel is a single-serve protein shot that comes in a handy pouch. Frog Fuel is used by a wide variety of athletes, but why are they choosing liquid protein over protein powder? 

Before we look at how these two types of protein stack up, let’s discuss how to choose the right source and amount of protein for your supplement. 

How to choose your protein supplement 

The source of any protein supplement is very important. For instance, Frog Fuel liquid protein shots are collagen peptide protein. 

There is also protein powder, which comes from many sources such as whey protein, soy protein, pea protein, quinoa, and a variety of other alternatives that vary in quantity and quality. 

When first using a protein supplement, most athletes will most commonly turn to whey protein powder or pea protein powder. 

There is a lot we can say about collagen protein vs whey protein, but what we will say here is that whey is a byproduct of milk – which means it often contains lactose or milk sugars. 

People with milk allergies or lactose intolerance are sometimes unaware of this. The concentration of milk sugars in protein powders can cause gastrointestinal distress for these people. 

This is just one of the many reasons why protein powder isn’t great for sensitive stomachs.

Now, that isn’t to say that no dairy-based protein shots exist, so it is important to look at ingredients no matter the type of protein. 

If you’re looking for a protein supplement with the biggest benefits (and fewest side effects), we always recommend collagen protein. 

Getting the right amount of protein 

If you’re looking to build muscle mass, what amount of protein can you take on board through supplementation? And how much protein is a safe amount to supplement? 

We can’t provide a definitive answer here because it depends on a variety of factors, including your size, weight, current diet, and the intensity of your workouts.

Although we recommend finding an exact number with a medical health professional or nutritionist, generally speaking we consider 15 grams to be a good, safe quantity of protein to target to fuel your workout. 

Anything more than that and you might experience discomfort from a too much protein stomach ache.

Now that you’re slightly more aware of protein sources and dosages, let’s discuss whether protein powder or protein shots are better for your workouts. 

Protein powder vs protein shots 

We realize that we may seem like a biased party when deciding whether protein powder or protein shots is better. And that’s why we put it to the test. 

In our investigation today, protein powder and liquid-based protein shots go head-to-head in ingredients, taste, convenience, and absorption rate. 


It’s no secret that not all protein supplements are created equal. In fact, most supplements out there are not even tested or regulated. That means that many companies are doing their own testing – and making claims that are not always corroborated by third-party testing. 

No matter the type of protein you choose (collagen and whey protein are the most popular options) always pay close attention to the ingredients listed.

Some athletes love additional caffeine in a collagen protein shot to power them through a long workout or endurance race, but that’s not for everyone. And, regardless of personal preferences, protein supplement companies need to be transparent with consumers.

Sweetener is another common ingredient in many protein powders. This may be from actual cane sugar, stevia, or artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Limiting your sugar intake is advised by many health professionals, but if you are unaware of how much is in your protein powder, it can make it hard to regulate. 

While we can’t speak for premixed proteins, we can confidently say that protein shots like Frog Fuel are transparent in their ingredients. Frog Fuel does not contain any unnecessary additives and is formulated with athletic performance and muscle recovery in mind.  

In fact, Frog Fuel contains no banned ingredients, no GMOs, and no artificial flavors! What makes up Frog Fuel? Well, this collagen shot focuses on being a pure protein product. For that reason, it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.


The preferred taste of protein powder or protein shots is going to vary from person to person. 

As mentioned before, many protein powder brands will choose to add things like sugar to try and cover up the taste of the protein itself. It may taste good, but excess sweeteners are not the healthiest choice.

Protein powder also commonly has a “chalky” taste or texture. This can sometimes be avoided by using a blender bottle, but as many athletes know all too well, if you don’t mix it well enough, you’re bound to have a few pockets of powder that didn’t get dissolved. 

If any protein supplements are flavored (e.g., chocolate, vanilla, berry, etc.) this is another instance where you should look at the ingredient list. 

Do they actually use vanilla bean or cacao to flavor their protein? 

Even if they claim to be “all natural,” be aware that not all terms are regulated and companies can claim them without proof. 

Frog Fuel liquid collagen protein shots have received a wide variety of customer reviews attesting to the flavor. Some of the most common verified customer reviews we get about taste include: 

“Good taste.”

“Tastes great!”

“Packs a flavorful punch!”

“A bit tart, but good taste.”

As you can see from just those few reviews, not all Frog Fuel protein shot customers are in agreement with the taste. For some, our Very Berry flavor can be a bit tart or sour. To others, they love that flavorful berry shot of protein to keep them going before, during, or after a workout. 

In the end, which tastes better, protein shots or protein powder, will be up to the consumer. 

The one thing we DO know is that with hydrolyzed protein shots, you don’t have to worry about a chalky consistency or clumps of powder when you drink it. 


Any type of protein supplement has the benefit of adding some convenience to your life. Still, there are different levels of convenience and it may come down to just how convenient you want your protein to be. 

So, you’ve probably been here: packing your gym bag. You don’t want to forget your pre-workout, some snacks, and of course, your post-workout protein powder.

You don’t throw your giant canister of protein powder into your bag though! You grab your blender bottle, get out a plastic bag, fill the bag with the serving of protein powder, put the bag into your blender bottle, close the lid, and then put it into your bag. 

Then, as you’re ending your workout you remember you need your protein shake. Easy enough — empty the bag of protein powder, add water, and shake it up. 

But alas, protein is sticking to the sides of your bottle, there are clumps as you drink, and you have to wonder if you even got a full serving. Not to mention that we all know protein powder tastes far better with plant milk than with plain old water. 

Queue Frog Fuel liquid protein shots. If you’re tired of carrying around a shaker, you’ll be happy to hear that there are many liquid collagen benefits.

Our liquid-based protein shots come in single serving packages. That means, when you’re packing your gym bag, you grab a packet, throw it in your bag, and head out the door. Better yet, you can just keep a few packets in your bag so if you forget, you always have one on hand. 

Time to take your shot of protein? No problem. Massage the packet lightly, open the top, and take your shot. No mess. No shaking. No added water. No cleanup. 

It can even replace your goo energy for your mid-run pick-me-up.

Absorption rate

While convenience and taste may play a huge role in your choice of protein, ingredients, and their protein absorption rate should be at the forefront of your decision. 

How do you know you’re getting the maximum digested grams of protein per serving?

The type of protein in the supplement will essentially determine the absorption rate. 

Some protein supplements like Frog Fuel protein shots have taken varying enzyme function and overall absorption rate into account when creating the formulas. After all, if you aren’t absorbing the protein you’re consuming, you will not be achieving the results you want either. 

Frog Fuel hydrolyzed protein shots enhance absorption rates by adding digestive enzymes and decreasing the dalton size of the collagen protein molecules. You may have heard of hydrolyzed collagen before – well, ours is nano-hydrolyzed. 

Hydrolyzed collagen molecules, also known as collagen peptides, are collagen molecules that have gone through hydrolysis to break down the molecule size. 

Nano-hydrolyzed collagen goes a step further to break those molecules down even more, to ensure they are easily absorbed and fit in through your stomach pores.

Frog Fuel collagen protein shots use a pre-digested fruit enzyme that allows protein to be fully absorbed by your body within 15 minutes of consumption.  

Most protein powders will not take the molecule size into account. That means if you are taking a protein powder that has 15g of protein per serving, you may only be absorbing and processing 3g each time you take it. 

The protein absorption rate will be different for each type of protein powder you choose. So if the company discloses the dalton size of the molecules, that is important information to know. 

Daltons are a unit of measurement used to determine the weight of a molecule and also associated with molecule size. 

For instance, if you are taking a powder collagen supplement (that is not hydrolyzed), the average dalton size will be around 300,000. That’s a near impossible size for your body to absorb because your stomach pores are around 4,000 daltons. 

No matter the type of protein you choose, the protein molecules need to be small enough to be absorbed. Unfortunately, in most cases, most of the protein in powder form will not be absorbed, and will pass through your system – having little impact other than possible stomach upset. 

Are protein shots a better choice than protein powder?

Both liquid-based protein shots and protein powder have their pros and cons.

While some protein powders can be on the cheaper side, it is necessary to consider absorption rate and overall effectiveness. After all, if you aren’t processing protein and absorbing it, it can be a waste of money despite the lower price tag upfront. 

There is a wide range of protein powders available, giving consumers a bigger range of options to choose from when it comes to ingredients and flavors. But that also means that there are more ingredient lists to vet – and companies to look into – for transparency.

In the end, which type of protein is best for you is what works well with your body.

Still, it is hard to refute the stellar absorption rate of Frog Fuel protein shot pouches. 

Frog Fuel liquid protein shots were created to support the daily demands of Navy Seals and are designed for athletes by athletes. We are third-party tested and believe that premier protein should be both accessible and effective. 

Whether using a protein shot for a pre-workout, mid-workout, or post-workout, Frog Fuel can help you reach your fitness goals.