Proud Boys, January 6th, and the Cost of Partisan Media in America- Part III – 1776 Returns

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November 3rd, 2020 was one of the strangest days in modern American history. The country’s divide began to crack even wider, as the media gaslit the Nation.

A quick video recap from CondemnedUSA.com about what the country was experiencing throughout the days between November 3rd to January 6th.

Meanwhile in Washington DC then Chairman Enrique Tarrio was sitting at a local bar with his friends, watching the results of the election. Upon their exit, they noticed a scuffle across the street. Attackers in black bloc, assaulting an elderly man. Jumping in to break up the fight, the damage cost activist Bevelyn Beatty a trip to the hospital with a collapsed lung. Tarrio himself, and two others in the group also sustained stab wounds.

Thus, would begin the precursor to the launch of the ‘Stop the Steal’ protests.

A World Before January 6th

The first Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC descended a few weeks after the 4 day stretch and the media spun narrative about COVID contributing to the necessity of mail-in-ballots. Antifa harassed Trump supporters in the streets and embraced violence and escalation.

The same thing occurred in December, and the media continued to run coverage for violent anarchists to blame Proud Boys for any and every violent encounter they could heap onto the group.

A Rat Trap – The Stabbing of Jeremy Bertino

Before FBI Agent and NYT’s Brunch Buddy Erik Kenerson lied to Jeremy Bertino about the authoring of the 1776 Returns documents, Jeremy Bertino was still enjoying the support of his friends and rally-going.

He made an error on December 14th when he put out a call to action on social media calling for Antifa to come and find him in the streets.

Antifa delivered, and Jeremy found himself in the hospital with stab wounds.

Not necessarily the brightest decision.

While Jeremy may have made a dumb call in his social media posting, the pattern of Antifa anarchists stabbing anyone they intentionally mislabel a fascist could not be ignored or undersold. The Boys marched in the streets the next night and a Black Lives Matter banner was burned in solidarity with their brother in the hospital.

The Planning Stages

One of the beautiful things about the internet is the instant access to data immortality.

In a leaked video chat with all the appropriate ‘Ministry of Self Defense,’ members, a satirical title that lines up with the standard brand of Proud Boy memes and motifs, Tarrio, Rehl, Biggs, and a handful of other figures are seen openly discussing de-escalation protocols and encouraging members to cooperate with local law enforcement.

“We’re never gonna be the ones to cross a police barrier to get to someone.” Says Tarrio as he explains his views on how he expects his brothers to behave during the rally. The issue in court would later become a narrative war. Yes, some members of the club crossed barriers- nobody is denying that. But the reason Tarrio was robbed of 22 years of his life, is because the government claimed he ordered them to behave in such ways. The evidence and common sense, disagree.

Swat Teams and Street Tunnels

Inside the tunnel on his way into DC, Tarrio was set upon by SWAT teams for the outstanding warrant for his arrest concerning the burning of the banner. Police found an empty, plastic, magazine emblazoned with Proud Boy insignia in his bags and slapped him with a felony weapons charge. The plastic cartridge was a gift for a friend, and he had printed the logos on the plastic cartridge for a friend. The federal government slapped Enrique Tarrio with a felony weapons charge for a piece of plastic that wasn’t even his.

He tells his own story better than I do.

Tarrio would go on to serve 5 months in a DC jail for property damage. See the video of the meeting in the garage here.

While this created minor changes in things on the ground for the Boys, even with those changes nobody had any interest in storming the capitol.

Ethan explains what exactly ‘tossing the baton’ ACTUALLY entailed.

January 6th

The plan – the REAL plan was simple. Ethan’s new plan was even simpler. Party. Wake up. March. Party some more.

In the morning, Joe and Ethan were up early. Left-wing photo-journalist Patrick Reilley, a friend of Joe’s, ran into them in the early morning hours and chatted while everyone was waking up and meeting up.

The boys walked around various locations on the grounds, chanting taking pictures at each one.

Not marching. Not chanting. The violence. The horror.

The boys helped Nick Quested film B-Roll for his documentary. DOJ Prosecutors used screaming ‘Fuck Antifa’ as evidence of call to violence against…. the Government?

To the dismay of professional conspiracy theorists like New York Time’s Alan Führer, marching and boasting about inflated numbers on the internet was LITERALLY a part of their plan. The boys wanted to show up and troll the media. Again.

‘Colors’ being the term the Proud Boys use to describe wearing their signature Fred Perry’s when attending events as a unit. January 6th was bigger than Proud Boys, and due to media smear campaigns and left-wing conspiracy theorists, the Trump campaign was forced to reach out to the club to request they not attend the event as a club. The manufactured blowback from the ‘Stand Back and Stand By’ moment fabricated by Chris Wallace was unnecessary drama all parties chose to avoid. So the Proud Boys used this unique opportunity to troll the media. Something they did with legendary successes.

Eventually, Trump spoke, Proud Boys “attacked” some food trucks for lunch – some opting for greasy foods to combat the lingering effects of last night’s beer and liquor –  and still accompanied by members of the media. It seemed that that’s all there was to see. Patrick Reilley even testified to this in court that this was the point he shook hands and said his goodbyes to pack up his gear and head home. (This moment would be heavily misconstrued by prosecutors during trial, insinuating that Patrick was sent home on purpose. No such thing occurred.)

After lunch, when the boys headed back, that’s when the insanity started to occur.

The Breach

Ethan tells the story of his experience better than anyone else. See below to hear his account of what he saw at the breaches, and why they ACTUALLY advanced toward the Capitol.

We got interrupted by jail phone time limits, but the facts of the matter seemed to be that people wanted to see the President. No pre-planning of storming any capitol.

The Dreaded Fence

At the front, Ethan drank from his beer while Joe and other protestors around them chanted and shouted. Zach was buried further back in the mix of people, and Dominic was positioned out much further into the fray, isolated from his fraternity brothers that he was just getting to know. Dominic had only joined the Proud Boys a month prior to January 6th.

Despite the dramatic for-the-jury effects and edits, you can audibly hear Ethan exclaim ‘Hey, hey, hey!’ when the fence touches his legs, and spills his beer.

Lethal Weapons

Over on Dominic’s side of the crowd, rowdy protestors – who were also NOT Proud Boys – at the front were getting sort of heated police. One of them now claims to be a member of Antifa.

Whilst the Pelosi-Selected January 6th committee chose to jump-cut their montage from 1 PM to 1:37 PM, the conduct of police at the front steps has been well documented.

Keep close eye on those pesky timestamps.

During that time, here’s a quick view of what they didn’t want you to see.

At the corner, a few random protestors, visibly angry, engage in some pushing and shoving at police. Not great, nobody is questioning that, but also not terrorism. The additional issue is- these men aren’t Proud Boys. But they were used against the Proud Boys on trial under bogus legal theories and thought-crime laws.

‘Non-lethal’ weapons are deployed from on high at the rowdy protestors… and then fired at random at anyone standing nearby. No matter what they’re doing.

Joshua Black (below) was one of those protestors caught by an intentionally mishandled police weapon, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

According to Use of Force expert Steven Hill, ‘non-lethal’ sting balls are to be fired when the target is standing on the same level as the police officer, not from an ‘eagle’s nest’ sniper-style perch. When you misuse these weapons… they become lethal.

Dominic Pezzola was there to witness the scuffle.

(Reminder; it is important to note that Ethan, Zach, and Joe barely knew Dominic. The fraternity has many members who often meet for the first time ever at rallies. They had attended the same rallies, but this didn’t mean they were close friends at the time of January 6th.)

After blasting holes in protestors’ faces and engaging in a full-scale assault from on high of the right corner of the crowd, police decided to gas, the REST of the crowd… calmly standing by.

Police effectively push back the line on protestors near the original scuffle… and on the peaceful side… tear gas and flash bangs begin to fly.

And the evidence of pre-meditation is pretty obvious if you possess any amount of common sense.

What do you mean, YOU’RE here to make history? How did YOU know this would happen?

Corralling the protestors up the steps, an interesting figure found his way behind Dominic.

Interesting watermark…

You don’t mean… THIS Insurgence USA, right? You don’t mean… THIS John Sullivan?

…Not Mr. “It’s time for a revolution” himself?

John Sullivan has a history of violence surrounding him, even if he always sneaks away from culpability. Sullivan was charged with inciting a riot in Provo, Utah, where a protestor was killed, and Sullivan’s actions encouraged all of the circumstances that lead to that.

Is it really surprising that he was standing right by when Ashli Babbit was killed? Or walked around the capitol shouting ‘Let me through. I have a knife. Let me through.’

 In fact… John Sullivan – like Tarrio – is caught saying ‘We did this‘ Except… he says it from inside the capitol. He also had a tendency to call for some light arson of the Capitol.

And bragged about infiltrating groups of Trump Supporters… actually immortalized it on film.

Whenever patterns as such these start to emerge, the likelihood of coincidence… isn’t very likely.

John Sullivan was given bond, allowed to remain on the streets, and will enjoy a media blackout at his trial. And a set of jurors that will sympathize with him by default. Despite the evidence. Nothing that any member of the Proud Boys received.

Adding ‘Value’ to the Capitol

Despite the ice-breaker joke presented by attorney Roger Roots of Bundy Ranch fame, Dominic Pezzola took responsibility for famously breaking a windowpane of the capitol. But what was reported was missing precious context…

Despite the mainstream media reports… the evidence clearly shows that Dominic Pezzola wasn’t following Proud Boys. He was caught up with the crowd.

Once inside, the protestors are visibly frustrated, but no evidence, anywhere, ever showed any of the boys hurting police. Dominic runs around aimlessly with his shield and calls his wife –  who told him to leave. And he did. He even gave back the shield.

Dominic Pezzola in a tell-all interview after being sentenced to losing a decade of his life.

Ethan, separated from his friends, entered the building to find them. And left with the crowd shuffling out after finding them. Ethan mutters aloud ‘The thin blue line is dead.’ But that’s it. That’s the entire story. That’s the worst offense. No incidents.

Zach walked inside, had no incidents, took selfies around the capitol offices, and left. Without incidents. He tells his story as well.

Zachary Rehl giving his side of the story.

Joe walked through the capitol, found a bathroom, and ran into Ethan at the bathroom. His friends took some sodas while laughing and saying, ‘This is our house.’  And walked out.

Sure, one could argue that taking the sodas wasn’t the greatest of ideas… but hardly even worth the court’s time to prosecute.

The dialogue surrounding Joe’s exit of the capitol however… and his compliance with police orders is interesting. Very, interesting.

Non-uniformed, eh? Who were these men, and what behavior did they partake in?

Joe tells his story better than anyone else, of course.

Tarrio walked from his Baltimore hotel room to get a phone while miles away a police-begun riot had broken out at the Capitol, to his blissful ignorance. He walked back to his hotel with his temporary phone where he watched only bits and pieces, and did interviews. He narrates his own reasons as to why in his full interview.

But in DC courts, there is only one true law:


Stay tuned for the next part of this saga. We’re just getting started.

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