By: - November 22, 2020

After exhaustive meetings with sources in Ukraine, who provided reams of documentary evidence for hours, CDMedia has been exposed to a massive international criminal conspiracy which spans continents and decades.

Q was right. Our wold is run by a criminal syndicate unlike mankind has ever known.

Global financiers are involved. Former Presidents of the United States are involved, on both sides of the political aisle. The uni-party exists. Media titans are involved. Silicon Valley is involved.

Why is this information coming out of Ukraine you may ask? Ukraine is a lawless former Soviet republic that is rife with corruption. It pervades the entire country from the policeman on the street to the presidency. After the fall of the USSR, Ukraine became the home base of international money laundering. Our sources estimate $50 billion a year is laundered from the Ukrainian economy and government every year. It is the black hole of highly organized crime.

We have the receipts, to borrow a phrase, meaning, we have the evidence. We have documentation of massive global money laundering and organized crime.

The Gulf Wars were not for American security, they were to feed an ever-expanding criminal security apparatus in the United States. President Eisenhower called it the ‘military industrial complex.’ Our men and women died in vain.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But, there were opportunities to force the American taxpayer to fund massive military spending. It was nothing but high-level money laundering.

The forever wars go on for a reason – to fund the beast. Hence they don’t want to leave Syria, Afghanistan, etc.

Yes, the legacy media is also controlled by this cabal. There is a complete Information Operation going on to pacify the U.S. population.

MI-6 plays a lead role, as well as American security services. Eastern Europe was fully colonized over the last few decades, now these global criminals are attempting to fully colonize the West, including the U.S. So far, they are succeeding.

There is a reason Dominion servers were located in Canada and Spain – these are colonies of British intelligence. Germany has been state captured.

The pandemic was a tool for control – hence the further lockdowns, to force you to bend to their will, and become a slave of their agenda, to become a cog in the wheel, a nameless slave toiling for their profit. China and the cabal has been cooperating to destroy the U.S., or rather turn it into a vassal state.

CDMedia has been right on all our predictions and proclamations over the last several years concerned the Obama and Biden Crime Families, the Deep State and our corrupt elites in the United States.

We told you about the Biden Crime Family, we told you about Soros control of Eastern Europe, we told you about corrupt American security agencies globally.

You can read our approximately 100 articles on international corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere here.

We are right about this and will be releasing information over the next few months to back up these claims.

This is what President Trump and the Deplorables are up against. The cabal pulled out all the stops to unseat the Trump presidency which was the only thing standing in the way of their complete power. This has been going on since the early ’90s.

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