S.C. Sheriff Featured in New OpsLens-CRTV Talk Show ‘Experience Matters’

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Richland County (S.C.) Sheriff Leon Lott was the featured guest of EXPERIENCE MATTERS, a new CRTV television program hosted by Drew Berquist of the OpsLens Media Group, this week. In a pre-recorded interview segment, Thurs., May 31, Lott discussed the recent spate of school shootings, school safety, the criticality of an effective school resource officer program, and why the idea of arming teachers is “not the right approach.”

Lott will provide expert commentary for EXPERIENCE MATTERS, every other week (dates to be determined), as will other senior officers commanding various elements within the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. going forward. A new television venture of the St. Augustine, Florida-based OpsLens Media Group where Lott has been published and Berquist serves as editor-in-chief, EXPERIENCE MATTERS will air weeknights at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern) on subscriber-based CRTV Television.

OpsLens is billed as providing “daily print and video commentary on the world’s most trending and critical stories related to national security, public policy and other matters of state through the lens of experience.” The company’s staff and contributors are composed of former intelligence operators, military and law enforcement personnel with a combined 200-plus deployments worldwide performing counterterrorism, counterdrug, counterintelligence, traditional espionage, direct-action and other operations.

“Our goal with the show, and our existence as OpsLens in general, is to provide the audience with experience-driven commentary from people who have been there and done that so to speak, as well as those who continue to serve this great nation like Sheriff Lott,” says Berquist. “The American public deserves better insight, and we intend to give them just that with our staff and compelling guests.”

Berquist is a former counterterrorism officer having served within the U.S. Intelligence Community wherein he performed more than 30 overseas deployments conducting intelligence operations against the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS. Berquist has appeared on a variety of radio and TV programs to include Fox and Friends, Lou Dobbs, and Dennis Miller.

Founded in Oct. 2016 by nationally syndicated talk-radio host Mark Levin, CRTV’s current lineup features hosts like Berquist and Levin, also Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, Michelle Malkin, Steven Crowder, and others.

For more information, visit CRTV and OpsLens.