S.W.A.T. Teams Hone Skills in South Carolina

FORT JACKSON, S.C. – This week, 117 SWAT-trained law enforcement officers from 21 separate police departments and sheriff’s offices across S.C. are participating in the third annual S.C. SWAT Summit, a joint training effort facilitated by the FBI and the Richland County (S.C.) Sheriff’s Dept. (RCSD).

Conducted on several ranges over four days at Fort Jackson – the largest U.S. Army basic training facility in the nation – participants are fine-tuning skills in hostage rescue, emergency medical care, direct action, and close-quarters battle techniques (inside and outside of buildings).

The training is conducted by both special agents from the FBI’s regional SWAT teams, many of whom serve or have served on the FBI’s Quantico-based hostage rescue team, and members of RCSD’s Special Response Team (SRT).

In addition to helping lead the training, members of the SRT are also enhancing various skills.

Pictured are an FBI instructor briefing two SRT operators prior to rehearsing an “immediate action” response to a vehicle ambush, and RCSD operators in a direct-action formation.

For more information visit RCSD’s Special Response Team.