San Francisco Board of Supervisors Call the NRA Domestic Terrorists

By: - September 6, 2019

So, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) has decided that I am a domestic terrorist. Because I was a police officer? No, but I’m sure they’ll add that to the terrorism list at some point. Because I am a member of Antifa? No. They would never deem a left-wing group, even one that uses terror, a domestic terrorist group. And it’s not even because I still use plastic straws.

No, San Fran’s politicians have declared I am a domestic terrorist because I am a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA); in fact, a life member. Apparently, my wife, a retired firefighter, is also a domestic terrorist, and so are many of our friends and family.

So, just like the overuse and conflation of words like Nazi and racist, the left is now misappropriating and diluting the term domestic terrorism to increase their chokehold on the political narrative. Even if individual board members don’t like the NRA, to declare them terrorists obviously requires extrapolation based on their individual political biases.

It’s obvious that the millions of NRA members belonging to the oldest civil rights organization in America (1871) are not domestic terrorists. Domestic terrorists use violence to accomplish political goals. NRA members, all law-abiding armed Americans, use violence only in self-defense.

By extrapolating that NRA is a domestic terrorist group because they defend the people’s Second Amendment rights, rights which the lofty, ever-so-virtuous (more than you and me) San Fran BOS oppose is a form of political corruption. What’s worse is these board members know what a domestic terrorist looks like. They’ve got Antifa in the Bay Area, don’t they? And they know the NRA does not fit the definition; the left just doesn’t like them or the specific rights they defend.

Sadly, they also know, as damaging as this type of sinister conflation and extrapolation is…it works.