SITREP: Today in Afghanistan

Reports out of Afghanistan today from OpsLens Truth Brigade reporters:

-Members of NGOs on the ground, to include Save Our Allies, are reporting that U.S. military commanders have been directed to remove populations of local nationals currently safe in the airport perimeter and push them into Taliban-controlled Kabul. Additional reports cite that a U.S. Airborne Commander had just actively supervised the removal of hundreds of local national orphans.

-A Christian NGO on the ground in Afghanistan reported that a Brigade Commander from the 82nd rounded up 300 Afghan orphans from inside the airport and turned them out into the streets of Kabul.

-Graphic images from outside the gates of Kabul airport show some of the destruction from a vehicle IED explosion earlier today.  There are far more U.S. deaths than are being reported.

-USG is limiting bandwidth now and claiming system is overloaded. People there are feeling that the administration is purposely limiting resources.