The Attack On Our Kids

By: - December 18, 2020

I have run down a complete narrative filled with facts and real information, which illustrates the attack on our kids. Just for reference, it’s really a fact that Chuck Schumer and his radical cronies have founded an organization called Sunrise – which uses our money, taxpayer dollars – to send junior high-aged kids – our kids – to the asymmetric school of warfare posing as paid actors to assist law enforcement in handling rioting anarchists, and I’ve exposed their real agenda that teaches these kids to gather the intelligence necessary to counter those efforts. To turn them into professional rioters. To turn them into fine-tuned criminals. 

I’ve also shown you physical evidence of a video book, which was actually approved by the radical progressive governor, Tim Jong Walz of Minnesota, to be introduced to kindergarten-aged kids that depicts all police officers as racists and murderers. This isn’t just some conspiracy theory by a radical Republican Trump supporting misogynist. This is real. Not only is it real that Timmy the Tyrant approved the book, but it’s actually being used in a Minnesota school district, and it’s expected to spread across the country so that communists can program your kids to be anti-police, anti-freedom, America-hating robots that will be so dependent on screen time that they won’t ever have a chance at thinking independently for themselves. 

If you haven’t seen the story, I’ll post it on Parler @realstewpeters. I think it’s important that you’re armed with this information.

It’s important because the goal is an absolute transformation of America. The goal is to rid our nation of its history, destroy and trash textbooks that depict real history in our country – because it’s offensive. As a matter of fact, our history is so offensive, that it prohibits people from working, associating with other Americans, starting a business, pursuing a dream and being an independent contributing member of society. 

The goal of radical socialists striving for communism is to choke out every last remaining conservative pro-police voice so that they can accomplish this transformation without resistance. They can’t do it to you or me, and they know that. That’s why they’re locking us down. Prohibiting us from gathering with one another, cancelling holidays, closing businesses and muzzling us with a mask that isn’t backed by any scientific data, whatsoever. This is why the mainstream media and big tech Twitter and Facebook censor speech like this, but allow for divisive, hateful and fake news rhetoric to constantly infiltrate the minds of Americans so that we can be divided. So that we can hate each other, rather than focusing on checking the out-of-control tyrannical government that has a plan of action to lead thirsty patriots to a watering hole where they’ll be ambushed and slaughtered. They can’t do it, and they’re figuring that out, so they’re targeting our kids. 

Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, just appeared in a creepy video with a progressive Santa Claus and a small group of children, urging them to wear masks and stay away from family and friends. It’s sick. Go watch it. These kids are being programmed to believe that Santa won’t bring them any gifts if they’re caught enjoying the holiday and being free, fun-loving innocent children. 

Since distance learning began, kids’ suicide rates are alarming. It’s honestly one of the most horrific things I’ve ever researched in my entire adult life, and it’s really happening. Teachers’ unions across the country are actually fighting for continued and more constricting lockdowns, pushing president-erect Biden to keep your kids from school, as a federal mandate, through January. Until January passes, of course, then February, March and the rest of the school year. When I say kids are killing themselves at alarming rates, this isn’t just something about which I’m speculating, or something that I’m dreaming up. According to the press-enterprise, San Bernardino County suicides by minors have DOUBLED during distance learning. In Chicago, the teachers’ union actually tweeted that the push to reopen schools was “rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.” These people are actually saying that if you want your kids to go to school, learn math and English, get an education and become well-educated young adults – you’re a racist! What?

Under a Joe Biden presidency, we’ve completely lost hope for a normal in-person education for our kids. In a Zoom meeting, just two days ago, Biden told 30 state governors, “I know it’s going to be controversial for some of you – but I’m going to ask that we’re going to be able to open schools at the end of 100 days. Over three months? Spring break will be upon us, and the school year will have less than a month remaining! 

The closure of restaurants and small business, the eradication of the backbone of the U.S. economy that’s being rammed down your throat in the name of safety and health, is anything but that. Don’t you see? The goal here is to incapacitate free Americans that don’t depend on the government. Why? Because if you don’t depend on them, they cannot control you. And, for those businesses that aren’t part of the lockdowns because your job is essential, well…how can you go to work if you’re forced to be at home, doubling your parental duties as a school teacher? You can’t. The goal is to force the middle class into the lower class, while the rich get richer, and those that were making their own way are pushed into soup kitchen lines, forced to their knees and left with no other choice but to look to the government to keep you alive.

Think about this: Hollywood elitists, mainstream media and big tech social media giants won’t recognize the horrific reality of child sex trafficking, but will open the floodgates for Black Lives Matter to literally tell you they want to tear down the structure of family. The Black Lives Matter at Schools resolution actually says “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children.

While the child abuse continues at the hands of progressive communist radicals, you have to ask yourself what’s next? Will new laws and mandates actually allow your kids to be taken from you if you don’t comply with the directives? Global warming? Masking? Sexual orientation? Gender identification? These things could be determined to be a “health threat” right?