The Collier County Fake News Reporter

I would like to start by saying that I am an advocate of free speech, even for speech that I do not like or agree with. After all, freedom of speech is a right our founding fathers declared in our Constitution for the government not to violate. However, what I do not support are members of the media who use totalitarian and Marxist behavior in order to find the next news story for their audience. What would you say if someone from the government came to your door and demanded that you provide your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and your financial statements to them, or they will claim you are breaking the law? You would probably tell them to take a hike and get a warrant. Unfortunately, the Republican Party we know today has been infiltrated by people who are desperately seeking to be the RINO ousters and fake news debunkers that we are cannibalizing ourselves.

A ‚Äúconservative‚ÄĚ reporter who owns and operates Flconservativevoice.com, headquartered in southwest Florida, engages in this behavior regularly. He accuses his victims of criminal activity and tries to educate them on how they are breaking the law.¬† He then demands to see the financials or EIN numbers for the accused Republican organizations and then gives them ONE business day to disprove his claim or he will report to his audience his original allegations. This is a textbook example of extortion. As a conservative, I am sure he supported President Trump not handing his tax returns over to the media because it was none of their business and irrelevant to his presidency. Or did he support their vilification of him for not doing so? President Trump was attacked by the left for this decision and ultimately taken to court. This reporter is obviously mimicking the liberal media with who can take down more people and organizations via tax returns. I can personally confirm that the owner of Flconservativevoice.com has engaged in this behavior with three separate organizations during the inception of this article- those organizations are the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Captains for Clean Water and the Patriots for Florida Club Inc. Additionally, two have had to submit cease and desist letters to him for his arbitrary and capricious behavior. Not to mention, one of the organizations he attacks regularly is highly favored and supported by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Perhaps this reporter wants these organizations to report the $600 transactions like the Democrats in charge want the American people to do. I would like to know when conservative values included totalitarian tactics in order to get a news story. The longer it continues the more people we will lose to the other side. ¬†In this country we are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. Are the journalism schools in the U.S. educating students to engage in this behavior?

Flconservativevoice.com recently hosted an event that charged $25 per individual and $200 for VIP entry. The event flyer stated that a portion of the proceeds would be given to a PAC supporting conservative candidates and reports confirm the PAC received a total of $8,000.00. Should I go ahead and demand he give me the total amount the event earned and prove that they aren’t funding any Democrat organizations? Or will they say it is none of my business?  I would not do the first and the second is correct.

Florida is the North Star for the conservative movement. We are currently setting the standard that other states follow. If we are going to be the party of limited government, small business rights, and individual freedoms then we must stop supporting and encouraging those who are in themselves fake news.