The First Amendment Is Dead and They’re Coming For Us All – 1776 Returns

By: - September 29, 2023

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For five years the feds have had a hard on for every single word Owen Shroyer uttered. And now they are litigating his rhetoric.

As his brilliant attorney, Norm Pattis, noted, “And they didn’t learn a damn thing.”

Owen Shroyer and attorney Norm Pattis

Investigative journalist and broadcaster, Owen Shroyer of InfoWars, entertained an hour-long presser outside DC’s E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse Tuesday following his J6 plea hearing where he was sentenced to 60 days incarceration.

In typical form, the media presence was minimal as the government continued to whittle away our Constitutional rights in the courtroom.

On January 6, 2021, Shroyer and “Person 1” (the FBI’s super secret name for Alex Jones) remained outside the Capitol building while Jones wielded a megaphone and warned protestors not to go inside. Like many speakers, they believed they were permitted to be on their stage.

Many were permitted for that day. None were aware the permits were rescinded.

Outside the courthouse, clutching court documents, Shroyer detailed the dastardly rhetoric the government accused him of allowing to pour forth from his lips. Here’s a sampling. (Reader beware)

1776. (the horror)

Ending the tyranny. (wouldn’t want that!)

We want to send a peaceful message. (Niet!)

We want to de-escalate. (whoa, Nelly!)

We’re going to restore the Republic. (a threat to Democracy)

USA! USA! USA! (commie bastitches)

After Shroyer read several examples of his wrongthink from the memo, Pattis chimed in saying,

“And then the prosecutor had the ovaries to stand up in front of the judge and say

‘we’re only talking about his January 6th speech.’

Those are brass ovaries.”

Shroyer wonders if the government is going to return his confiscated phones and Pattis assures him that will happen.

“They might put them in the National Archives as evidence of the great national threat–disruption to our way of life. Exhibit number 666,” Pattis quipped.

This is a First Amendment case. They all are.

We weren’t there to “insurrect” or stop government procedure. We were there to be heard. This was a novel situation, and we thought there were measures in place to protect our strongest form of free speech — our vote.

“Go to the Capitol, raise noise! Maybe they will hear you in there. Maybe Pence will wake up and do what we believe he should do.” Norm Pattis

Shroyer has enjoyed a lifelong passion for journalism. He wrote for his high school paper and started a morning news program that is still going there today. He never thought he would be the story. Now he’s resigned to being a free speech martyr and activist for as long as it takes.

Shroyer announced plans to not only appeal his case but to take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Pattis assured us that they might have broken Shroyer’s body in the court room, but his spirit is strong and intact.

“What we all want is to be free in our own skins to be ourselves as we see fit. We don’t want to dance to the tune set by The Man. The Man beat Owen Shroyer’s body today. But it didn’t beat his spirit. They can have him for 60 days but they’ll never touch his soul, because a free soul cannot be defeated.”

Shroyer took a few questions. (Our website name raised a big red flag for him.) Afterward, Pattis told me I am going to get arrested for being involved with such a revolutionary organization.

I asked Shroyer if he thought the governor of New Mexico was coming for 2A because they know 1A is dead. He said <they> see these opportunities as “chum in the water” and anytime <they> see a crack in the armor <they> go in.

Pattis issued a warning to Massachusetts about the coming winter and Right to Shelter.

Now 3A is at stake.

Pattis left us with another warning…

“First they came for Alex, then they came for Owen, then maybe next they come for me, then they come for you.”


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