The Golems Have Awakened

By: - November 19, 2020

The mental health issue commonly known as ‘liberalism’ is, in its literal sense, malignant narcissism misguided by an abusive emotional roller coaster and a gaslighting media to divide and destroy sources of happiness wherever it exists, because they can’t feel emotions like you and me so, instead, they destroy what they envy. 

Leftism is strategic destabilization and destruction of liberty through oppressive legislation and false charity under the disguise of protecting victims of the same twisted oppressive laws they legislated and voted for.

Radicals like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris are going to pull the strings for the mentally inept pervert with nearly 50 years of experience in corruption and back room deals, and as proven by their history of tyrannical hypocrisy, they absolutely intend to send your business into the bottomless drain of bankruptcy while they force your customers into isolation under the iron fist of the big and bad, all mighty powerful government using the threat of fines and jail time should you entertain your family for Thanksgiving. 

But they don’t even believe what they’re saying. If they did, would Nancy Pelosi be be sneaking around her favorite hair salon after she threatened the rest with the loss of their license for violating the legislation she enacted? The ‘laws’ that would sanction or shut down your business don’t apply to her, because Nancy Pelosi does what she wants. What about Senator Dianne Feinstein? Do you really believe she thinks twice about how Christmas won’t be the same for Grandma, or that your kids won’t be able to see Uncle Mike this Thanksgiving because your travel plans were cancelled due to the lockdowns she sponsored – and are we just supposed to look the other way when Feinstein flaunts her confident waltz through a DC airport baring her entire maskless face while she preaches from a soapbox of love, health, safety and the ‘goodness of your heart’ for doing ‘the right thing’? The fact is, your sacrifice means nothing to her. It means nothing to any of them. What about the phony slime bag tyrannical gutless coward, Governor Gavin Newsom, of California? In that state, a paddle boarder was handcuffed and cited for being alone with sea life in the absence of a mask, but the man that locks your family into this ‘new normal’ of isolation has no problems wining and dining indoors with a party of twelve, making it obvious that he doesn’t believe a damn thing he says as he rules behind the podium bearing the great seal of the people’s republic. 

The World Health Organization was looked at by members of the Socialist Party of America as the experts that were going to guide us through this pandemic. The authority. The higher all-knowing power. They represented the ‘science’ that President Trump was accused of ‘ignoring’. Now, the World Heath Organization has announced that lockdowns aren’t the answer, and their ‘science’ is being ignored. What’s going on?

The same radical progressive Democrats that get absolutely giddy about a person’s right to pull apart an unborn child with forceps are now telling us that we need to lock down to protect the vulnerable population and they expect us not to ask questions and abide by these ridiculous rules?  What planet am I on?

I recognize this, and you should too, assuming you attended a school with a curriculum that taught actual history, you would know about the rise of Hitler’s Socialist Nazi Party of Germany. Hitler wasn’t stupid, and neither are the elitist Fourth Reich dukes of the United States, also known as the DNC. They have a very calculated approach to a plan that’s designed to force your compliance with fear, along with the threat of fines, jail time and physical violence. 

Criminal thugs hiding in autonomous zones in lawless democratically-controlled communities have become the brown shirts, the enforcers, of that political party. Democrats vehemently deny that it’s even happening, remember Jerry Nadler telling a couple of citizen journalists that the riots and violence in Portland were just a ‘myth’? So why are they lying? Plausible deniability? Criminal implication? Social rejection? Or do they really believe they’re saving us from ourselves? Narcissism must be a qualifying prerequisite to join the party of the elite, and the fact is they don’t care about your health. They don’t care about your safety. They actually signal their promotion of violence and brute force, damage and physical injury or death to anyone that opposes their position or dares to question the legitimacy, or for that matter the constitutionality of the systematic takeover that uses fear to move the masses. 

Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at the hundreds of videos taking over social media depicting Black Lives Matter, Incorporated and ANTIFA terrorists as they prey on women and elderly citizens peacefully gathering in protest of a clearly rigged and stolen election, which by all accounts, is the spit in the face, the poop on the grave, the kick in the balls of the blue collared, hard working, child raising patriotic soul of America. 

Patriots, we have been quiet. We have been peaceful. We have been truly tolerant. Until now. The fire breathing dragon of righteousness, the golems of the Old Testament, the sleeping pride of lions have been aggravated and that arousal could be detrimentally dangerous for the antagonist hyena scavenging the last meal in a time when going without eating for just one more day, one more minute could mean the end of a family. There’s nothing more dangerous than an animal backed into a corner, a man with nothing to lose. 

I don’t know what’s more scary. The fact that these self-proclaimed Socialists can sit at their white linen draped dinner table under crystal chandeliers with their VIP yes men while they literally point at you, shout you down, criminalize your desire to gather with family and friends as they publicly shame you… or the fact that Americans are buying it?