The Great American Summit 2022

By: - December 24, 2021

It’s just two weeks- to stop the spread.

It’s just a mask, to keep others safe.

It’s just a few more weeks.

It’s just a shot.

It’s just another shot.

And another.

You are not essential.

You are a conspiracy theorist.

You are the reason this is happening.

You don’t care about your grandmother, or me.

You’re selfish.

You should be fired, and banned, and locked up …..

Can anyone even remember what it was like to be normal? When we at least had the illusion of being a free country, even in Blue States? Or is that so far gone that it seems like it was never real?

Well Buckle up Buttercups, because this is far from over. In fact, it’s only just begun.

The dictators currently holding the keys of powerful offices are not slowing down. Our puppet-in-chief has told us this will be the “Winter of death.” He’s not content with the unconstitutional mandates, the branding of unvaccinated Americans as the cause of our crisis, and labeling Americans he hailed as heroes on the frontline just a year ago, as villains today. He’s turning our military into a laughingstock and he’s systematically squeezing every drop of freedom and the American Spirit out of people who would rather comply and surrender than tap into the courage and strength it takes to defy tyranny.

Or at least- whoever is pulling his strings is.

These next twelve months are critical for us. The only path to reverse this lunacy and restore Lady Liberty’s crown is to commit to working together and withstanding everything this government is about to throw at us.

In New York, for instance, there is an active bill under consideration  that grants the governor- who is only in office because Cuomo was forced out in disgrace- scary powers.

If passed, New Yorkers will be subject to being forcibly detained if simply suspected of being a health risk. The Bill, A416 was introduced by Assemblyman Nick Perry from District #58, which encompasses the Flatbush area. The original version was first submitted as A6891, for the 2015-2016 Session. This bill  is an amendment to the Public Health Law and the first lines describe it as:

AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health.

The “cases contacts and carriers” referred to are people. The bill allows for the governor, in the event she has declared a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease, to consult with her commissioner and determine that one or more people must be removed and detained in “a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises delegated by the governor or his or her delegee.” A person must only meet unspecified criteria to be suspected of being contagious, and displaying unspecified behavior that is determined to be a threat to public health, to be detained.

How long this detainment lasts varies. One section states it lasts until that person is determined not to be contagious (either the person was never contagious at all or is no longer contagious). Another states this detainment shall not last longer than three consecutive business days but adds provisions for that period to be extended. Five days and ninety days are noted as benchmarks for court appearances and hearings.

Each person detained is afforded the “right to be heard,” and efforts will be made to contact friends and family on behalf of each detainee “to the extent feasible” to a “reasonable number.” It is unclear why any person being detained as a health risk cannot simply use their personal cell phone to contact people, themselves. Each person is entitled to a copy of the order against them- unless that person was detained in a large group. In that case, where so many people are “removed and detained” at once, it may be impractical to issue individual copies, and copies will instead be posted visibly for people to read. Each person is entitled to legal counsel, as well, “if and to the extent possible under the circumstances.”

Detainment is described as “in a manner that is consistent with recognized isolation and infection control principles in order to minimize the likelihood of transmission of infection to such person and to others.” A statement is included that detainees “shall not conduct himself or herself in a disorderly manner, and shall not attempt to leave such facility or premises until he or she is discharged, pursuant to this section.”

In the final sections of this bill, one more caveat is added: “… the governor or his or her delegee may, in his or her discretion, issue and seek enforcement of any other orders that he or she determines is necessary or appropriate to prevent dissemination or transmission of contagious diseases or other illness that may pose a threat to the public health.” Whether confined at home or elsewhere, that person will be subject to any vaccine or treatment deemed necessary, with less grounds to be heard or legally represented than others who are forcibly detained.

The power to determine a person or persons meet these criteria and thus must be removed and detained trickles down to the commissioner and heads of local health departments. It applies to individuals and groups, en masse, who are identified as threats. This bill could reach the floor in 2022. Should it reach the governor and be signed into law, it will become effective 30 days from that date.

Think that could never happen? Take a look at Australia.

But of course, Australians surrendered their guns first.

If we take a look at another country, we will see another conspiracy theory coming true: a technology company has just announced the creation of a microchip that can be implanted in a human hand, to serve as a digital COVID vaccine card. This isn’t new technology- about 6000 Swedish citizens already have microchips they use as credit cards and other “conveniences.”

Still think it sounds crazy to consider a microchip accompanying a vaccine?

It’s time to rally, America. It’s time to stop wasting energy attempting to convince the cowards or the blind to be courageous and open their eyes. We have to move forward without them for now, and we will have to carry them later. Because when we step forward to defend our freedom, we do so even for those who turn their backs on us now. Otherwise we are the very thing we profess to stand against.

It’s time to connect, collaborate, and conquer our challenges together. We all have something to contribute. For us, we have built our Great American Syndicate that we will officially launch at our Great American Summit in Irving, Texas on January 7-8.

This is our way of bringing Americans together to strengthen ourselves, our families, and our communities. Because that is how we strengthen our country.

Join us there. Let’s do this together.