The Mob Is Coming For Your Right To Vote

By: - November 2, 2020

I have a serious question for my friends that intend to vote for Joe Biden. Without mentioning the name Donald Trump, please tell me why?

As a man who has worked in the law enforcement community as a fugitive investigator for many years, it’s my job to look at who stands to gain what through the actions and words of either themselves or a business or political associate.

Seriously, I beg the question. Put my politics and yours aside, for just a few minutes and really ask yourself the question. Are you voting for Joe Biden because you were raised in a Democrat home with parents that supported unions when unions had a solid purpose that protected good workers? I understand. I really get that. I was raised in two different homes that shared a political ideology that was relatively consistent with conservative values, and for the better part of my young adult life, I embraced those philosophies because I always looked up to my father and respected my mother. They would never steer me wrong, right? Well, as we grow into our own selves, start our working life with a first job at a doughnut shop, and get excited about ‘graduating’ to a pizza parlor, and eventually get a ‘real’ job pushing papers at a mortgage company while attending college – a boy turns into a man, and a girl to a woman. 

As grown adults, we begin to use our own personal life experiences to make decisions based on cause and effect, rather than institutional values. We begin to make decisions on our own, and evaluate life based on life. How do you defend yourself in a fight against 5 other people without a weapon, the size of your paycheck versus the debt load you’ve incurred, how much cash I’m handing the attendant to fill the tank in my Cutlass today, how incentivized am I to go to work rather than leaning on the proverbial ‘tit’ of the government, and whether or not I choose to make my own way or depend on someone to hold my hand. 

I believe that anyone can do anything. Really, I do. I believe my son when he says he wants to be a professional hockey player, and although I know the chips are stacked against him, I’ll support him as long as he’s passionate about his goal and continues to dream. 

Can you remember that time in your life? That time when you were an innocent young person just getting into the real world before you had your first encounter with a choice to finish your homework or go to the keg party? Do you remember the time your ‘buddy’ first handed you the joint or the blunt and you had to make the decision whether to succumb to the peer pressure, or use the words your father armed you with, and tell your friend you’d love to but you can’t because you’re an athlete? 

I’m not perfect. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a rapper, I got signed to a record label, had a production contract and screwed the whole damn thing up. I lived in the Minnesota Governor’s mansion on Summit Avenue under false pretense after I earned the lead role in a Tyrel Ventura short film called ‘Generation Lost’, and felt the need to impersonate the older brother to a popular sit-com actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I have made financial mistakes, bad relationship choices and just like you, I’ve fallen on my face plenty of times over the years, but I ended up in Temple Terrace, Florida and I managed to get it all on track at just the right point, and I was encouraged by just the right people that were put into my life at just the right time. You know who you are, and I cannot begin to properly thank you. Anything I say would be dwarfed by the way that I feel about you, and I’ll never forget the way you believed in me.

My father told me one thing that I’ll never forget. He told me there are three kinds of people in this world. There are the dumb people that don’t learn from their mistakes, the smart people that do learn from their mistakes, and then there are the wise people. The wise people learn from other people’s mistakes so that they may never have to suffer the consequences from the poor decision another made.

A lot can come of a young person that decides he wants to be something, and work for it. Sadly, a lot can come to a man that never risks anything, never holds a job, never starts a business and never fails. He can become a career politician with 7 elaborate homes in different states with a net worth of millions… as a public servant. How does that happen? 

After 47 years of really doing nothing, a political party can elevate a failed existence to an opportunity to be the puppet for the string pullers of the world at the helm of the ship that leads the globe in science, technology, economics and warfare as the most powerful man on the planet – and the lengths the puppeteers will go to in an attempt to accomplish that goal are limitless. 

If you want to know how the elite class privileged radical socialist politicians view their lives, all you have to do is look at their agenda. The same people that call for the ‘defunding’ or ‘abolishment’ of police departments across the nation and force you to give up your guns while they relentlessly dismantle your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms – are the same people that will hire armed guards to protect them and order the police to stand guard on their block to preserve the sanctity of their neighborhoods. Their home. Their families. 

The same people that claim border walls are racist or xenophobic live in gated communities with huge walls around their homes.

Everybody wants to come home from work and feel safe in their own city, their own neighborhoods, their own homes. That’s not happening today in democratically controlled cities. That’s a fact. 

Hillary Clinton has stated that Donald Trump would never accept defeat, but in the same breath says Joe Biden should never concede in the race for the presidency, even in a landslide electoral defeat. What message are Democrats really sending?

Nancy Pelosi’s state requires masking and the closing of business. In the meantime, she’s sneaking around hair salons with her mask off to get an ‘up-do’. Chuck Schumer encouraged a Republican Senate majority to rush a Supreme Court nomination for an Obama administration, but damned President Trump for asking the Senate to DO THEIR JOB in the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, calling the process a sham. Biden claims he’s for the black community, but sponsored a crime bill that imprisoned more blacks for non-violent crimes than any other legislation ever passed by this government. While I’m on the topic, WHAT HAS JOE BIDEN EVER DONE FOR BLACK PEOPLE? Please, tell me. Give me ONE example! 

Now, the voting process is being rigged. The mainstream media will glorify Miles Taylor, a low-level staffer that never even met the president, who wrote a book of unsubstantiated claims about the Trumps, but will remain silent on a slough of black endorsement of the president by rappers lil Wayne and 50 cent, boxer Mike Tyson, Kanye West, Ice Cube, Steve Harvey, Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, Isiah Washington, Herschel Walker, Terrence Williams, and the list goes on. The media suppressed physical evidence brought to the American people by a brave patriot named Tony Bobulinski, who was vetted by the 4th largest publication in this country and had actual recordings, voicemails, emails… real physical evidence! Unless you listen to shows like mine, you’d never even know about it. Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of “the Intercept” left the publication because his editors attempted to censor his article on Biden. Twitter shutdowns, Facebook shadow-banning and complete blackouts by major networks supposedly responsible for bringing you the news have failed, and should be held accountable for ignoring an ACTUAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, and essentially becoming the running mate for the establishment that wants to create a one-world order. 

Biden has refused to denounce violent and radical racist organized political parties like Black Lives Matter, Inc. or terrorist groups like ANTIFA, because those are his people, and he’s counting not only on their votes, but is counting on them to keep you from feeling safe at your local polling place. But, the suppression doesn’t just start and end with national figures. It actually seeps through radical elected representatives like state governors, into city councils and mayors, through command staffs of police departments that will refuse to answer calls and go into full retreat mode leaving you completely vulnerable to criminal thugs even at your polling place. The anti-police radical progressives are coming for your guns, coming for your First Amendment and coming for your freedom – and, they’ll bring it to the very place you’re supposed to be able to exercise the most important right you have… the right to vote.