The Show Goes On: Why I’m not leaving the GOP

The only thing that comes to mind when people ask me about leaving the GOP is the speech from “Wolf of Wall Street” when Leonardo DiCaprio, playing the infamous Jordan Belfort, is giving a speech to his employees. In case you have not seen the movie, DiCaprio was a wealthy CEO of a brokerage house. After he’d been found guilty of fraud and other illegal activities in the securities industry, he was told it was in his best interest to cooperate with authorities and resign from his company. It was a company he’d built from the ground up and he had earned love and loyalty from his employees in return. At the end of the speech he decides not to resign and instead declares “I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving, The Show Goes On!” and his employees rallied with joy. Some say it is in the best interest of Trump supporters to start a Patriot Party because our GOP leaders have been accused of abandoning the President. Well this is when I say, despite those accusations, “I’m not leaving, The Show Goes on!”

Many of us were drawn to President Trump because he was not a politician and he wanted an America First agenda. Some even liked his brashness and his “Art of the Deal” negotiation tactics.  He was loved and hated just like the “Wolf of Wall Street”. All Republicans know that President Trump has changed our party and we will never be the same. He brought out a fighting spirit that has demanded change within the GOP. Many wanted him to have a second term, but that didn’t happen. Now is not the time to resign to a third party, but rather the show goes on.

Republicans have the benefit of being in offensive mode now. This is our time to regroup, to collect ourselves and to think about what we want for our party. If you were on the campaign trail for Trump, take time off for yourself. If you were not on the campaign trail then maybe consider how you can help the candidate you want in office in 2022.

We may have lost the 2020 presidential race, but we haven’t lost the war. The problem is not our party. The problem is not finding, vetting, and supporting conservative candidates. The problem is uniting the party enough to get those candidates elected. Leaving the party now only ensures Democrats win more seats and it will keep the GOP leaders that you are upset with in power. They will still be paid with your tax dollars at the end of the day. If you go to a third party, the RINOs and establishment Republicans still win. The ultimate revenge is to unseat every one of them with candidates that believe in life, liberty, and property. The GOP needs you. Stay in the fight.