To The American Spirit

By: - October 31, 2020

Think back in your life since high school – think about a moment when everything looked bleak.  All of us confront it in our lives. If we are honest about it, we will admit it boldly. Things today could have been completely different. Reach back and think about how you felt and what that moment meant to you.

For instance, was it the death of a parent or loved one? Losing a job, a career or your marriage? Did you lose your home or your faith in your God? Was it an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Hundreds of things that could have caused that moment. Some of us hit that wall hard.  Consequently, we look up at it and say to ourselves, can I climb it?

Then think about what you did – the steps you took, who reached out to you with help. Think about how you solved that mess. Think about how bad and insurmountable you thought it was. If you gave up, at that moment, it is all over. You would not be here today.


At that moment of deep despair, with the devil whispering in your ear to give up, you looked at the end and said – NOT TODAY!  NO – IT WILL NOT BE TODAY!

You woke up and took a single step  – The most difficult step in your life. After you took that step, you took another and another. Looking back, it seemed so hard to move. Each move was small and incremental.  Today looking back, you are a lifetime from where you were. Never believing you could come so far.

Then it hit you – You made it!

Do remember the moments after deciding to move forward, when you chose NOT TODAY! Do you remember how everything just moved forward? People showed up, changes happened, or events that happened out of nowhere to help you through it. There may have been setbacks, but again, know what you did.

Donald Trump Said NOT TODAY!

Our country is in the same place today. We are AMERICANS.

Four years ago, Donald Trump, our President, looked at what was happening in America.  He said “NOT TODAY!”

He saw a country looking at itself in the past tense – afraid of its future.

Donald Trump told us – “Our future is ahead of us, and we together will make America great”.

Above all, he said: “NO – we are not past our prime.  I know what Americans can do”.

Donald Trump reminded each of us of our birthright. We are citizens of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Tomorrow may not look great, but together we can weather whatever storm comes our way.

He told us:

“I might look like the luckiest man on the planet. Yes, I have riches, but there were days in my life that I woke up, and it didn’t seem that way.


Donald Trump Risked Everything to Run for President

Deciding to risk everything, he ran for President of the United States. He had nothing to gain. Trump already had tons of money, more than he could ever spend. Certainly, he owned some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Donald Trump was concerned something was not right. He knew America needed to find its spirit and vision.

For instance, he said:

“This is not Nancy Pelosi’s or  Chuck Schumer’s America. We don’t put politics before people and blame it on someone else. This is not Joe Biden’s America. We don’t hide in our basement.

This is not the Democrat vision of America – take taxpayer money to fund an impossible free lifestyle.


American History – We Rebuild

Whenever there is something in the world that needs to be fixed or a disaster that needs attending, we stand up. We fix it. The world looks to us. Nobody looks at skin color, or  religion, or even  politics. AMERICANS show up. After the rubble of 9/11, we rebuilt.  When Donald Trump was elected, Democrats called him crazy. They told him he could never bring back manufacturing jobs – HE DID.

With the virus, politicians once again are saying we can’t. They have us wear useless masks to prove our fear. Trump is not a politician. I don’t believe in anyone who says that America can’t. That is not America! America finds the way.  We will rebuild NOW, better than before – also knowing that we did it together. Despite what the politicians say – it is all of us together. Our vision of America is where everyone prospers. Not just the select few who happen to be in the ruling class.

Get Out and Vote

My brothers and sisters, look around you – don’t let it continue. Get out and vote – tell them to stop separating us.  We are all Americans. Vote for the President that believes your future is in front of you, instead of hiding in the basement! Vote for a President that is proud of hard work and accomplishments. Someone who celebrates it, instead of saying you didn’t build it. Do you want nice flowery words, or do you want leadership?

Joe Biden is not leadership. Leadership is pulling for your friend who is down. Helping them up from the ashes of their disaster because you have been there. Not giving them a handout, but a hand up. Ultimately, it’s not stealing from the American people, using your position to enrich yourself, and then lying about it. It’s not preventing your brother from speaking their mind. This is America! Americans look out for each other.  Americans do not take advantage of one another.

Leadership does not tell you to wait for an answer or set up a committee to talk about what you are going to do.  In contrast, a leader does whatever it takes today. Leadership doesn’t ask for anything in return, it certainly doesn’t steal from the people! Leaders don’t hope for change, they obviously make change happen.

There are FOUR days left to make a statement.

As a result, if we do that – no one, not a single soul, no country or entity could ever destroy THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.