Unfiltered and Unmasked

Today, I had a producer from CNN contact me about expressing my opinion on mask mandates for children in our local schools. He stated that they found a parent for the supporting side and they wanted a parent to speak on camera against the mask mandates. With that being said, I’m not a parent. But, advocating against government mandates in schools is not specific to only those with children, but on all of us who pay our taxes. Any form of government overreach is a government overreach for every single one of us.

I will answer the producer’s question here. I am a military veteran, a secretary for the local Republican Women’s Club, and I helped found the Mom’s for Liberty-North East Florida Facebook page as well as the Save our Schools-Florida page. If you have never heard of the groups, they fight for the rights of parents, and against the indoctrination of our children. Soon after these pages were created, we began sharing information about teachers, incidents, mandates, school board meetings and we encourage everyone to be involved and to stay informed – moms, dads, grandparents and concerned citizens.

With all of this being said, I strongly support Governor DeSantis in his fight against mask mandates for school children and the fight against critical race theory in our schools. Frankly, I wish more elected officials would take a public stance on it. As a taxpayer, my tax dollars support the local schools. If I don’t show up and speak against what is going on and advocate for conservative principles, then I am willingly supporting the opposing agenda. This is a point I think all taxpayers need to remember.

I am not anti-mask, but I am anti-government mandate. I don’t believe this to be the role of government at all. Any parent that would like their children to wear a mask should tell them to wear one and those who don’t want their child to wear one should not be forced. It’s that simple. The only positive that has come out of the government mandates has been the increased awareness of the activities of our local school boards.

No, I do not have children. But in the words of fallen Marine Travis Manion, “If Not Me, then Who?”.