We Are Being Duped!

By: - November 2, 2020

Breaking news bombshells continue to pour out of reliable sources that are carefully vetted for their legitimacy as more damning and scandalous information that exposes the Bidens for their overseas business dealings comes to light. 

The former Vice President, now looking to take a seat in the Oval Office at the helm of the most powerful position in the world, has yet to issue a flat-out denial that he was benefiting from international dealings that compromised him as the Vice President of the United States in a sea of corruption that was exposed by the New York Post and posted to social media. 

With one day remaining before a general election for the next bona fide leader of the free world, the Democratic candidate has nothing to say. Seriously, think about that. 

Joe Biden looked a likely voter directly in the eye and promised her he would ‘end fossil fuels’. That’s on video tape. It’s all over the internet. I could replay it, but I trust the audience of my show, and I’m confident in their ability to perform a simple Google search. Now, Biden’s campaign says he misspoke, but he didn’t. 

Biden has repeatedly stated, on the record, that he would end and ban fracking. That’s a fact. Again, I’d play all of the tape on my show, but it’s just so easy to find, I would be insulting your intelligence by boring you with more Biden lies during a program that you rely on to deliver truth and facts. It’s entertaining, yes, but I find it to be a waste of time to watch a man with cognitive failure say whatever comes out of his filterless mouth as he grovels before the masses of twelve that show up to his events, half of which are paid staffers. 

The fact is, he’s either that far gone mentally, or he is just not capable of telling the truth. If either is true, and I believe both to be true, he should not be the President of the United States.

Real journalists, and they’re few and far between, have confronted Biden on whether or not he intends to support legislation that would allow for packing of the Supreme Court, essentially turning the High Court into another legislative branch, similar to a mini Congress. The only answer he’s given, to this point, is that voters ‘don’t deserve’ to know, or that we will know his position ‘after the election’. Unacceptable.

The former Vice President has repeatedly stated that he’s the ‘Scranton Scrapper’, and that he ‘grew up in Scranton’, or that ‘Scranton always has his back’. We proved that to be a lie on my program, just the other day. He has yet to denounce ANTIFA or the violent actions of a political group called Black Lives Matter, because the Biden campaign is relying heavily on their vote, and those are his people. He can’t denounce them. 

You see, it doesn’t really matter that Joe Biden is a real threat to national security. It doesn’t matter if he was compromised as the Vice President of the United States, if he’s from Scranton or if he plans to slash over 10 million jobs with his ban on fracking or his promise to end fossil fuels by the year 2050. It doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton was involved in his shady and criminal business dealings with foreign adversaries, or even if Obama, himself, was complicit in the Biden schemes. It doesn’t matter if Joe Biden is controlled by a radical group of progressives that knows his time in office would be limited, and it doesn’t matter if he intends to pack the court. It doesn’t matter if the basement dweller is a pervert, and it doesn’t matter that it’s been documented time and time again as he caresses young girls or if he’s able to identify what shampoo she uses by a quick sniff here or there. Joe Biden can look Americans right in the face and tell them it’s going to be a cold and dark winter, and that the only way out of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate is to lock yourselves in the basement and run – to keep your children from their peers, to pull them out of school, give up sports or wear a mask that isn’t supported by scientific data. Endless lockdowns and back-breaking tax increases aren’t a talking point, the fact that he’s repeatedly lied about a drunken driver killing his first wife, claiming he was against the war in Iraq, when he, in fact, voted for it and lying about being arrested in South Africa – these things just shouldn’t matter. NAH…Nothing to see here! So what if he boasts about being arrested for attempting to visit Nelson Mandela, a visit which Nelson Mandela supposedly later thanked him for attempting? Never mind that, none of it is true. Not the arrest, not the attempted visit, and not the thank you from Mandela. 

When Biden continuously panders to African Americans, essentially insulting the intelligence of the black voter by claiming he’s for them, when he sponsored a crime bill that incarcerated more blacks than any other law in our nation’s history, you’re supposed to look the other way. 

Biden was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from a British Labour Party leader, plagiarized yet another speech from the late Robert Kennedy, lied about academic awards, lied about scholarships, lied about his ranking at Syracuse Law School, marching in Delaware during the civil rights movement, Medicare/Social Security, immigrants, race relations, trade, COVID-19, taxes, crime…lie, lie, lie, lie and lie.

But, none of it matters. None of it. Why? Because out of three hundred million people in the United States, only a handful of you will ever know the truth about any of it. If you happen to catch my show, or if you tune into Tucker every once in a while, you may get a quick glimpse, but let’s face it – the majority of people that will go pull a lever on election day to decide the fate of this country… this world… will go completely blind. Totally reliant on the media.

They know they’ve seen racial injustice, misappropriated power by out-of-control cops protested by ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstrators and super-spreader events hosted by the narcissistic orange man that trampled all over the rights and dignity of women, immigrants and minorities. 

And, that’s all that matters, because at the end of the day, I sit here in an echo chamber talking to like-minded people. My audience is made up of mostly conservative valued, moderately libertarian independent free and critical thinkers that stand for our flag, honor the men and women that courageously serve in our military or as police officers, and have a patriotic fire ablaze in their hearts that bleed for a free America. The rest of you may have stumbled across a hashtag that brought you to my broadcast, maybe you were recommended by a friend, or you’re just there to see what that conspiracy-minded, racist and insensitive jerk is going to say next. Or, maybe you like Richard (my co-host). 

But, whoever you are, or whatever brings you to my show is actually irrelevant. As police officers around the country are in full retreat, precincts are burned to the ground, entire cities are on fire, businesses are closing after being looted, lawless cities are overtaken by violent criminal thugs, police command staffs are cowering to progressive elected representatives, social media is silencing conservative voices, Netflix is running a series that depicts young and underage girls twerking half-naked, Hollywood child porn and trafficking rings are going un-checked and Hillary Clinton is still a free woman – leaders in faith are predicting the end of the world, civil war is all but imminent, unborn children are being murdered by the masses and any of us that talk about or oppose any of it are all right wing extremist nazi-sympathizing racists, who the media tells the world are responsible for the burning of our cities and violence in the streets. 

Non-mask wearing violators are the very reason you will never see a return to the past, but are forced to accept the new normal. A normal that looks like a third world country, an authoritarian ruling regime where speech isn’t free, foreign governments own the majority of U.S. debt, the dollar is devalued, jobs are converted to the public sector, small businesses cease to exist, travel is restricted and the media remains the propaganda machine for the hijacked Democratic political party controlled by radical socialists who crave power and control, and will stop at NOTHING to get it – even if it means forcing you to submit to a vaccination, using your freedom and fear as the controlling factors so that daddy government can track your every move; and the worst part – they’re using a virus we all know to have a survival rate of over 99%.

We are being duped. The ‘virus’ isn’t what scares me. It’s the way people are reacting to it. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic will go down in history as the biggest lie ever perpetuated on the American citizen.