What Else Haven’t We Been Told About The Jab?

By: - July 30, 2021

It is a very polarized time in America right now, and in no small part because of politics. One would think that a risk to the populace’s health would unite the country as 9/11 or Pearl Harbor did, right? We have all seen that hope dashed as maybe the most politicized topic in America right now stems from a virus. So it is not a surprise to anyone that the treatments and the “vaccines” are wildly politicized. So much so that there is a remarkable amount of under-reported information and over-reported hype that it is easy to become lost in the advertised science. So let’s look at some data, beginning with asking those whom I work with, both nurses and other medical personnel that have taken the injections, what they experienced.

I started by asking a shift with four female nurses about an accusation we’ve all heard about—the questions regarding sterility. I asked about what differences these women experienced in their monthly cycle? Every single one of them described a change in their menstruation. All told me about heavier than regular periods, and one labor and delivery nurse even explained that she was experiencing miscarriage-volume bleeding every month. One of those nurses stated they had not bled for several years, then suddenly started again. I was so surprised by what these nurses had told me that I continued bringing it up to others, and contrary to my skepticism, every woman I’ve asked told me their bleeding is much heavier than it was pre-injection. I even asked family members, and one such family member, who did not take the jab, told me that after having the virus, they experienced going from a heavy cycle to using diapers for three days not to leak through. Before I ever started interviewing coworkers, I had started noticing a lot more miscarriages than usual, occurring later in the pregnancy. Earlier this year, I commented to a couple of coworkers who work in labor and delivery about how many miscarriages it seemed like we have had this year. Both of them had noticed the same thing. At both hospitals where I work, we have seen a lot more than normal late-term spontaneous abortions. What was even more shocking, many had taken the injection after encouragement from their physicians, despite the consent and acknowledgment form (that I have obtained) describing pregnancy as not having been studied in the trials, therefore making the injection potentially dangerous. How can a physician, in good conscience, advise a patient with a particular condition to take an unproven and untested drug? How is that morally right?

After having that information, I decided to look into similarities in the mRNA injections and SARS-CoV-2. As many might already know, these injections cause cells in your body to create the spike proteins that the virus has attached to it to force your body to be in a constant heightened response state. So when digging into the spike protein, I came across a peer-reviewed and published study from April 2021 that studied the effects of the spike protein. This study determined that the spike protein caused more damage to various parts of the body than the virus itself. It would help explain why people are having bleeding and clotting issues. It would also explain why China and New York found the virus in vaginal fluid, while India found it in men’s testes and the rashes all over the body. The virus affects the lungs, and the spike protein affects everything else.

The spike protein causing more bleeding would help explain the changes in bleeding in so many women. So what else has this spike protein or jab caused people to experience? Tenderness at the site of injection and mild fever is typical for most vaccines and usually resolves overnight.  So why then have I heard many stories, one from a pediatrician I work with, where they were laid up very ill for days following the injection? Why would employers tell their employees that they should get the jab before a day off, so they don’t use a sick day? In many cases, the “vaccine” is causing reactions similar to getting sick with this virus in the first place. Now we’re hearing about the booster shots and the people coming down with the virus after being “fully vaccinated”. To name a few, the six Texas representatives who flew to DC to avoid a vote. Nancy Pelosi’s aide was positive after meeting with the Texas representatives, as was the case for Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Colts head coach Frank Reich, and even Bill Maher.

So there are many cases of increased bleeding in women, many cases of reactions as bad as the virus, and many positive infections following injection. What else are they not telling us about the vaccines? Perhaps the number of people suffering from neurological symptoms. One such person was the friend my waitress told me about last week, who she described as having all the signs of a neurological reaction. These signs were similar to what a brave whistleblower came forward with. She had a recording of her interaction with a Moderna representative. She was attempting to report an adverse event when the representative told her some surprising information.  She described being treated for Guillain-Barre syndrome after injection and was in the hospital with three others with the same diagnosis. She stated that her doctor was confident that it was from the jab. The Moderna representative was very aware of the many reports of such a diagnosis and even confirmed to her, after reading off a liability waiver, that everyone who has received the injection was in a large-scale phase three, or human, trial.

So, after all that, if someone wants to take the vaccine, that is their decision. If someone doesn’t want the injection, that is likewise their decision. That is the beauty of the individual liberties enshrined in the founding documents of our great nation. But would you not have questions about the jab? Would you not wonder why the government or employer would have to force some miracle drug on people if it was so great? Why would it be so politicized if it was such a fantastic thing? What else don’t we know about the jab?