What Side Of History Will You Be On?

By: - November 30, 2020

In the midst of damning allegations of a fraudulent election, ballot harvesting, cash for ballots, Dominion software rigging the outcome in the middle of the night changing Trump votes to be in favor of Biden and evidence of these things being introduced by attorneys working for Trump, you still may not have seen Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell on your nightly newscast.

The mainstream media has completely blacked out the story, but has repeatedly shown you images of Joe Biden standing behind an ‘official podium’ bearing the words ‘Office of the President-Elect’. They’re making it real for you. They’re ignoring the overwhelming evidence of millions of stolen votes while they convince you that we’re just moving forward, and that the 46th President of the United States is the 47 year politician with no documented successes, a man who has never owned a business, a man who has been implicated in massive criminal corruption schemes in foreign countries, a man that didn’t campaign…and didn’t need to. The fix was in, and there was no way to lose.

As Joe Biden is scheduled to start receiving presidential intelligence briefings, and has started putting together his cabinet, announcing daily additions to his administration and gearing up for war in the Middle East, we’re hearing more promises of nationwide mask mandates, incarceration-type lockdowns, the packing of the Supreme Court, the tearing-down of the security wall on our nation’s southern border, the defunding of police departments, the guarantees of continued civil unrest, trillions of dollars allocated in the name of the ‘Green New Deal’, essentially the paybacks to special interest groups and major corporations as a ‘thank you’ for being his co-conspirators and assisting the campaign as they orchestrated the biggest hoax to ever be perpetrated on the American people, turning our free-voting democracy into a totalitarian system of communism designed to allow for freedom for the racist elite while sentencing the middle class small business owner to a future of financial ruin.

While more jobs are lost and more lives destroyed by the unconstitutional response to a media-labeled ‘pandemic’ than actual lives lost to the virus with a 99.8% survival rate, you’re to be confined to your homes, separated from your family, your kids are being taken away from school and banned from playing sports. I bet you hadn’t heard from your trusted media outlet that the rate of suicide has increased exponentially as the future of Americans is crushed by the heavy hand of the democrat-controlled state governments around the country. I bet you hadn’t thought about the unreported child abuse cases victimizing kids who aren’t able to tell their stories to the mandated reporters at their closed-down learning institutions, and I bet your media outlet hasn’t reported statistics on COVID fraud perpetrated by medical providers concerned with their bottom line as a for-profit business, while they label patients as COVID positive, even in cases where no COVID test has been administered.

And, why would they? Why would an agenda-driven propaganda machine bring integrity to their platform, giving you the facts and allowing for you to independently assess the data so that you can decide what’s best for your family? The truth is right there. Right there in front of us, but it’s being covered up by the same brown shirts that covered up the very story that proves Joe Biden to have compromised the national security of the Untied States by selling the office of the Vice President under the most corrupt administration to ever occupy the White House. The same media that jumps all over conspiracy-based made up fake news stories like black actors being beaten by white supremacists wearing ‘MAGA’ hats on the streets of Chicago… But then just move on and jump to the next thing when it’s discovered that the victim was actually the criminal, and that the whole thing was a hoax designed to pollute the minds of potential voters.

Nearly all of the Democrat governors in our country that impose crushing restrictions upon you have been caught, themselves, violating their own mandates, ordinances and laws. They’re sneaking around getting their hair done, dining with groups of 20, enjoying dinner without a mask on, indoors… But they’ll stand there and tell you how dangerous it is to associate with others, to uncover your face, to go without the muzzle they’ve designed to silence your mouth and control your movement. Your interaction. Your critical thinking. Your freedom.

The opportunity is here, and Americans are being presented with a choice to accept the steal or to stop it.

An extremely thought-out and orchestrated attack on America is happening right before your eyes while a systematic plan to cover it all up is failing miserably, leaving you with a choice to make. Right or wrong. Light or dark. Good or evil. Freedom or failure. What side of history will you be on?