What the Current Brexit Mess Means for the U.S.

By: - September 26, 2019

First, watch this. It’s British AG Geoffrey Cox and that is what proper oratorical leadership looks like.

But, what does the issue mean for America?

It is part and parcel of the same conflict here, the political class vs the voters, the duly elected government vs the effete mandarins of the establishment. Only one can win.

Here, the president is doing well against his enemies. As I’ve recently said and is worth repeating, don’t confuse Dem/leftist ideological stupidity for operational inability. The Ukraine thing seems like a nicely executed internal Dem op to kneecap Joe Biden. It’s fully Dem inside baseball, as there is nothing there at all to hang on Trump. But plenty to get Biden with. Who’s the shooter? One of the two families, either Bill Clinton or the disgraced 44th president and his Madame Defarge. My money is on Bill with an eager assist from Nancy. He has the smarts for it. Others do not. Why the gambit? So the Clintons can collect chits from Liz Warren later on.

Though Barry and Defarge would love to see Biden get the Dem nod and then lose to set up Defarge for a possible 2024 run at the oval office. There could be a side run for her at the Duckworth Illinois Senate seat in 2022 to start off the festivities.

Thus Trump will be unscathed in the Ukrainian brouhaha and further emboldened to claim he is the victim of witchhunts. The public, tiring of all the noise, may agree with him and hold the Dems responsible. And if the Dem House votes for impeachment, which is a presently numerical possibility, Trump could end up in an even better position.

Boris Johnson is not faring as successfully as our president.

The British Supreme Court, a body that did not exist just over a decade ago, has taken on executive power and is telling the Johnson government what it can and cannot do, not merely ruling on the legality of legislation. It did so unanimously over the prorogation of parliament in an awkward overt show of establishment solidarity.

It has therefore brought back parliament from a recess to further stop Johnson from serving the will of the electorate and executing Brexit. They also will not allow an election to let the people decide Brexit, again.

So, only a British concern?


Just as Brexit heralded the 2016 general election, the Anglosphere has a way of influencing events across borders. Not to mention the Brits are our closest defense and trading partner. With the taste of blood in their maws if Boris falls and Brexit is cancelled, it will encourage our own political class to step up the war against Trump. While much of the public may not buy the various charges, the unrelenting barrage may make Trump’s fall start to seem like smart money to nervous donors, panicky GOP candidates, and to fence-sitting media like Fox News who are already trending leftward in their news coverage.

If that drumbeat manages to move 100,000 swing voters in certain states the president could lose.

And a UK where the establishment would even more strongly kowtow to the EU will eventually be no friend to the United States. The Watermelon Bolshie, yet spineless, EU has already started to chart an anti-American course in a number of areas, defense and energy foremost. The EU wants to sever the transatlantic bond that supports the special relationship. The British hard left wants the same thing.

However, they both have an even greater goal they share with our own leftists, to substitute representative government for the rule of a class of statist sinecurists who see voters as pawns to be played.

Here, we have them at bay.

By denying an election to decide the issue, hamstringing Johnson, and using the courts to control the political process, they are close to getting away with it there in the UK. At least for the moment.

That is not good news for either country.