When Enough is Enough!

It is as old as time itself.  When you are in trouble for something you did, or caused, blame someone else. Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations!

The constant finger pointing, and deflection of responsibility has gone on so long and so blatantly that it is time to just stop it.  If you caused the current sh*t show…. own it. But some just can’t bring themselves to accept responsibility for their own actions.

In a very transparent attempt to deflect the Afghanistan debacle, the current administration has taken the stance that they were saddled with an impossible situation there because of, oh let me guess, Trump.  Yes, President Trump caused all this mess.  After all, Trump said we would remove all our troops by May 1st, so we (the Biden administration says) were just fulfilling the deal we were stuck with. We had no choice.

Yeah, right.  But there is a problem with that approach.  Trump said May 1.  Biden said September 11th and then changed when he was told what a public relations disaster that would be, to Aug 31.  So, the Biden administration was not “stuck” with the Trump agreement.  That is clear because they didn’t follow it.

Biden chose his own date and disregarded the date already set.  In addition, the way the retreat was conducted was not anything that Trump set up.  In fact, in a Congressional hearing this week, the Biden administration said that they were given a date but no plan on how to withdraw.  Well, that sheds even a little more light on the fact that the Biden administration owns this.  The Biden administration set the date and they devised the plan if you could call it that.  President Biden owns this mess and no amount of finger pointing can change that.  Just like making policy, the Biden administration is not good at finger pointing. They don’t do it well.

Oh maybe it was Trump’s fault that the southern border is broken.  Reports from DHS this week state that the number of border crossers is up over 300% from last August.  But Trump had a surge in crossing too, right?  Sure he did but at its highest, over 200% less than this most recent amount.  Moreover, Trump broke the immigration system.  The Biden administration inherited a system, they say, that was purposely broken by Trump.  Well, no, the Biden Administration reversed every Trump border initiative they could.  So much so that the courts have put some of those policies Biden reversed back in place.  Just throwing everything Trump did out the window because you can doesn’t make it a good policy.

The out-of-control southern border is all this administration’s doing.  Again, pointing fingers at your predecessor does not work well when the facts, numbers, courts, and even the border states show you are wrong.  But if all you can do is point at Trump because you can’t develop a cognizant strategy, well what do you do?  You do what the Biden administration can’t do, own it.

No, it’s the pandemic and these stupid anti-vaxxers and Trump people are not taking the vaccine. Actually, when asked at the beginning the Vice President said she would not trust a vaccine produced under the Trump administration. In addition, the current messaging coming out from the Biden administration is that we have to get everyone vaccinated to protect those that are already vaccinated. What? Who wrote that talking point?

So now, Biden is going to force everyone to take the vaccine.  No exceptions for medical issues. No exceptions for religious freedom. Just do it or else.  That is what the Biden administration just told the private businesses who have over 100 employees. Get everyone vaccinated or tested twice a week or face fourteen thousand dollar fines per violation.  Yes, the King Biden has stepped out from behind the curtain.

Moreover, Trump ruined the economy, right?  With the stroke of a pen on the very first day of the Biden monarchy, we took the first step to making the U.S. energy dependent once more.   Fuel costs have almost doubled. Consumer pricing has increased. Inflation is not only on the horizon, it is here.  So what does Biden do about that? Spend, or try, to spend close to 5 trillion dollars on pet green projects, human infrastructure, grants and debt forgiveness and free college and a chicken in every pot and so on and so on.  It seems that if the current administration had it their way, and remember the darling of the Democratic party, A.O.C., has just announced she will be for the extending of unemployment assistance into next year, the government will pay everyone to just stay home indefinitely.  Problem is if no one works, we eventually run out of everything we need. Socialism at its purest.

No Mr. Biden, you own this mess as well. It is entirely of your making.

So, pointing fingers is easy.  It is a juvenile way to operate.  Skirting responsibility, accusing others, and saying it’s all someone else’s fault is getting old.  The people of this nation are finally getting wise to this and hopefully will make that known during the election cycle if we last that long as a nation.

But then again, since the Biden administration has taken the position that pointing fingers is the best way to save itself, they should do that. In fact, they should do that all the time.  I think they may actually be correct in pointing fingers. The problem is where they are when they do it. Where should they be, you ask?

A house of mirrors comes to mind.  That would be fun to watch!