Who Has Say Over Your Children’s Healthcare?

By: - August 5, 2021

As threats of new lockdowns and mandates grow because of the new Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, I am beginning to wonder how many people will still live in fear of this virus, even with the government-touted vaccine. Even with all the support for vaccines, businesses and our government are resorting to mandates to inject more people. Currently, Walmart and Disney have joined the ranks of countless hospital systems- (mine included now), universities, and the government are mandating the jab for their employees and students. These companies have given mountains of ‘educational materials’ to their workers, only to turn around and require the injection despite one’s personal beliefs. It leads me to question how long until local government administrators quit bothering with community meetings and convincing tactics to mandating it?

Last month my local county board of health held a community meeting to hear what the district members had to say about injecting and masking children. More than thirty citizens showed up at 8 am for a meeting on Monday morning, when most had jobs to work. In perspective, there is rarely any community involvement at these meetings. Among the many parental statements, two people who spoke stood out. First was an employee of Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, who implored the board to wait on vaccinating children as doctors are seeing heart and fertility issues in young people. I recently saw a father’s comment that his adolescent son is one of sixty young boys to be treated for myocarditis at the same hospital post jab. The Lilly employee also highlighted that the studies on these vaccines were reduced from eight years to eight months. The speaker’s comments match what Pfizer admitted to; the phase three trial was reduced from two years to two months for the placebo group due to their positive results. The next notable speaker was a doctor from IU Health and an associate professor at Indiana University, who adamantly opposed masking and vaccinating children. What strikes me the most is that this physician put his job in jeopardy as both IU Health and Indiana University are mandating the ‘vaccine.’ Both of these speakers brought supporting documents to give to the board, proving their positions.

It was wonderful to see the community members and subject matter experts step forward in opposition to their employer’s and the government’s assertions, to speak on the facts they have learned from personal experience. That is the liberty and freedom we enjoy in this country on full display. However, it was equally disappointing to hear the schools state that they were waiting on guidance from the county board of health, only to have the board deny having any authority on this matter. Instead, the board claimed that they receive guidance from the state and then pass it down. This claim was highly irritating when the next week, my son’s principal stated that school administrators were meeting with the county board of health for guidance before school starts. So who is actually calling the shots? Is it the schools, the local government, or is it the state and federal government?

I found it even more infuriating that the county health board called another meeting two weeks after the first one and brought in two selected pediatricians to persuade the public on why they should mask and inject their children. The board of health is trying to convince parents when the data paints a different picture of vaccine necessity. According to the CDC, in 2017, there were 285 deaths attributed to the flu in children under eighteen years old, and the provisional death count for the same age range over the past eighteen months for SARS-CoV-2 is 340. On top of that, every provisional death is attributed to a child with comorbidities. Also, we already knew immunoglobulins transferred during breastfeeding spread the mother’s immunity. Studies by the WHO and American Academy of Pediatrics have shown at least a 35% reduction in cases of respiratory infections, flu, and colds in children who were breastfed for six months or more. Israel even found that you were seven times more likely to be reinfected, likely from another strain, with the jab than with natural immunity. This matches established knowledge of viruses, known to rapidly mutate, that each new ‘variant’ is less dangerous.

Again I will ask, how long until the government decides to quit ‘educating’ and starts mandating, despite evidence showing a lack of need for child vaccination with an emergency authorized injection? With the Surgeon General anticipating a EUA for vaccines for children as young as five years old by September, it is likely soon. We have already had studies showing that natural immunity following an infection from this virus will last decades. So, where’s the emergency for children and SARS-CoV-2 that requires their injection? Is someone else better suited to decide the healthcare for our children, or will parents stand up and protect their rights and duties as a parent?