2022: Year of the Yang Water Tiger

By: - January 27, 2022

China’s contribution to the world in the form of Lunar New Year is something to celebrate.  And who doesn’t need a good celebration right now?  The Lunar New Year provides the world with an energy, an element, and an animal, with the characteristics of each, as a guide to what we might experience each year.   For those new to this, a few examples of each are:

Energies: There are 2:  Yin: dark, slow, passive, inward; and Yang: light, fast, active, social.

Elements: There are 5:  Fire: expansive, passion; Earth: grounded, nurturing; Metal: intellect, elegance; Water: emotions, inspiration; and Wood: growth, new beginnings.

Animals:  There are 12:  Starting with Tiger, only because this is a Tiger Year.  Sometimes reference is made to a different animal, both provided here with a “/”.  Tiger; Rabbit/Cat; Dragon; Snake; Horse; Goat/Sheep; Monkey; Rooster/Phoenix; Dog; Pig/Boar; Rat; and Ox.

Each energy, element, and animal come with both positive and … not-so-positive qualities.  But they all add to a full life, with both ease and challenges, and can help to understand what may motivate the actions of individuals and/or governments.

To illustrate the difference, 2021 was the year of the Yin Metal Ox.  YIN:  It was definitely a dark, slow, inward year.  A not-so-positive characteristic of Yin is ‘passivity,’ demonstrated by the masses to a degree never before seen in America.  METAL:  Is un-bending, both good and bad.  Unyielding, even when Metal is right, can make life difficult to ‘get along’ (or ‘get groceries’).  OX:  What comes to mind when you hear the word?  Slow, steady, obeying commands, accepting a yoke (or mask?), easily spooked — AKA 2021.

Now, what might be in store for us to provide ease, or challenges, in 2022?  Let’s compare.

2022 Year of the Yang Water Tiger:  YANG:  light, fast, active, social, expansive, but too much can become aggression.  Keep an eye on world players.  As individuals, get out of the house, exercise your body AND mind.  Meet new people who may now replace previous ‘friends’ who are still ordering you to mask-up.  Be honest:  some ‘friendships’ no longer, if they ever did, serve your heart and best interests.  Were you staying silent as you listened to their views, which didn’t agree with your values?  WATER:  Take the best of Water’s characteristics:  renewal, creativity, flexibility.  Water is not stopped by obstructions, but goes around, over, and under blockages while not disturbing them.  Be like Water:  unstoppable in achieving your goals.  TIGER:  classy, elegant, sleek, undeterred, spirited, charismatic, powerful, smart and multi-faceted:  patient when necessary/quick acting when the opportunity presents itself.

For those who like numbers, 2022 is a ‘6’ year (2+0+2+2), a year of recovery, hope, confidence, abundance, and a New Beginning.  Surround yourself in beauty and energy, and achieve those goals that are for your highest good.  Make your life your idea of magical.