Am I the Only Person to Notice?

Over the years I have observed that the average American has very little interaction with the U.S. federal government outside the filing of their yearly income tax statement and participation in the bi-annual election process.  I imagine that watching cable news where there is a constant parade of talking heads ranging from members of Congress, to executive branch appointees, to “qualified expert” political analysts might give a person the false impression that they have a good understanding of our federal government and its inner workings.  Yes, people can tell you the latest missteps of our failed “President” Joe Biden, or how the hyena Kamala Harris cackled while attempting to respond to a serious question posed by the media, or how the great COVID-19 Czar (Anthony Fauci) wants to impose more liberty stripping mandates, but can they tell you about the waste and abuse that is occurring within our federal agencies that is costing the American taxpayer great amounts of money and diminishing our society?  I am starting to think I am the only person left noticing such things.  Perhaps I am the only person who still has no tolerance for it.

As an example, I am going to use what I believe is a little-known federal agency, the National Archives and Records Administration.  For those who have never heard of them: “The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation’s record keeper. Of all documents and materials created in the course of business conducted by the United States federal government…”

In theory, people should be able, actually once were able, to go to the different branches of NARA where they could locate such things as military records, historic government documents, and photographs.  However, that has changed, because the administration and employees of NARA have greatly capitalized on the COVID-19 hysteria.  On Friday, August 20, 2021 I emailed NARA a research request to which I received an automated response that included the following: “Due to the coronavirus public health emergency, our reference staff is currently working remotely and does not have access to the records outside of emergency preservation purposes.  Our research room continues to be open on a limited basis. Research visits are by appointment only and require a virtual consultation prior to the onsite visit.  While we offer virtual consultations, please note that consultation services may be limited and/or you may experience a delay in scheduling a research visit.”

For all those who do not understand what that really is saying, I will paraphrase: “Go away, we at the NARA are taking advantage of the fully paid (by the American taxpayer), going on two years now, extended vacation that we hope lasts until we retire, when we can continue to stick it to you ignorant sheep.  No way in hell will we let you into a research room so that you can locate the records you are seeking.”

I realize that I am lumping every employee of NARA into the same disparaging category.  There are a percentage of them that I believe wish to be working assisting the American public with learning history.   However, I have not seen any indication that any of them are protesting or attempting to overturn the nonsense of the management that is harming the American public in many ways.

NARA’s administration’s actions are those of a federal agency that I noticed this past week.  They are clearly abusing the American public’s tolerance and good will.  I know that this same situation is occurring across the spectrum of our “government” and it is time to make it stop.  How do we do that?  Let us start with Congress in an attempt to make them do their jobs of oversight of the U.S. Government’s executive branch.  Congress by the demand of the American public needs to put a stop to those who are “employed” within our government from taking advantage of the people of our great country.

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