Be Prepared to Start Shorting Pharmaceuticals

By now anyone with a few working brain cells and the least bit of situational awareness has started to notice the slow trickle of media articles concerning the ineffectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Rest assured that in every puff piece, for now, the media will hold to the biased narrative claiming the vaccines do provide “some level” of benefit.  An honest journalist would publish how living a healthier lifestyle would provide a lot of benefit in combating COVID-19 and almost every other ailment.  Getting more exercise in the sunshine, eating vegetables, citrus and other fruits, improving body mass index, and gaining heart strength would all go a long way to help battle COVID-19 infections.  There is even evidence that what seems to be the age-old aspirin fights back the effects of the pathogen.

The treatment reduced the risk of reaching mechanical ventilation by 44%.  ICU admissions were lower by 43%, and an overall in-hospital mortality saw a 47% decrease.”

Such honesty in journalism is not really what those who are controlling monetary markets wish to see.  It would not be good for business.  The COVID-19 vaccine business is a giant cash cow that only comes along once in a lifetime and they cannot let that situation get by them.

A simple examination of one of the companies, Pfizer, appears to show that they have done very well during the COVID-19 “pandemic” with their “vaccine” development and sales.  To be fair to Pfizer, they have been able to capitalize on some of their other positive pharmaceutical developments over the past year, such as CIBINQO (ABROCITINIB), Prevnar 20, the progress with the Lyme Disease Vaccine Candidate, and the U.S. FDA review of a Biologics License Application of Somatrogon for Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency.  Everyone knows what lucrative profit margins those developments yield.

However, the COVID-19 “golden goose” has not finished laying her eggs.  Pfizer has requested that the Food and Drug Administration approve the use of their “vaccine” for insertion in children age 5 to 11.  Parents need not worry.  They will water down the dosages so children will not feel the side effects as badly.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will make sure they do their part to frighten every one possible, by declaring over seven hundred children have died from COVID-19, while leaving out what percentage of those youth were in advanced stages of childhood cancers and other terminal maladies.  It appears that at least one “journalist” at the rag New York Times is starting to question the justifications for vaccinating our youth, “For children without a serious medical condition, the danger of severe Covid is so low as to be difficult to quantify. For children with such a condition, the danger is higher but still lower than many people believe. The risk of long Covid among children — a source of fear among many parents — also appears to be very low.”

As the population becomes more aware of what has been perpetrated upon them, the media presentation of what has occurred will also begin to shift.  People will start to learn who has been able to line their pockets as a result of the COVID-19 hype.  Be prepared to start shorting pharmaceuticals.