Blind Allegiance to the Party

By: - February 16, 2021

After reading the text of Joe Biden’s executive orders, no rational thinking person could believe that what this president is doing is in the best interest of the United States of America.  To continue supporting the activities of this president and his administration it takes a blind allegiance and dedication to the Democrat Party.

What is occurring is not much different than what has occurred in other nations over the past century where there have been similar situations.  The human spirit has been and will be destroyed, countless lives were and will be ruined, and the average person has been and will be subjugated under the control of a few elitists.  If one needs a present-day example of what it is to be under the control of a system that demands blind allegiance and dedication to a party, take a look at Communist China.  People, even some that would be considered politically powerful vanish, actually disappear, almost on a daily basis, after they make the slightest of criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.  The life of any individual has little significance, they do not matter.  This presidential administration is engaging in government by edict, with a supportive rubber stamp of a legislative body, who is condoning the totalitarian actions, which history has shown over and over to always lead to a demoralized oppressed population.

A good percentage of the members of the Democrat Party know that what I am presenting is true.  When confronted they are prepared with all the age-old excuses every coward has in such situations.  I have heard statements that range from they, “are trying to work on the inside to improve the situation” to, “it is still better than what Republicans are trying to achieve.”  All of it is nonsense claimed by spineless people trying to live in a world of denial or others who cannot admit that they supported the Democrat Party as it became the text book example of fascism in action.  Therefore, they continue their blind allegiance and dedication.

My criticisms are not only reserved for the Democrat Party.  The Republican Party has really failed in many aspects in regard to addressing how the Democrat Party has mutated over the past several decades.  Most importantly, has been the Republican Party’s failure to identify, adapt, and present policy objectives that show an understanding of the concerns of the younger generations.   Millennials do not wish to sit around listening to old people spouting a mantra of “family values” and “conservative principles.”  The younger generations want to know how a party’s objectives, policy, and legislative actions will affect them on a personal level.  The Democrat Party has done a good job with their socialist rhetoric of presenting how they will use the force of government to take from those who have worked and distribute to those who sat around complaining those profits should be theirs simply because they exist.  The Republican Party has failed to explain how such socialist policies and actions destroy the human spirit and subjugate the masses to a modern form of serfdom.  Socialism just puts everyone, except the controlling elite, into the same miserable pit of hopelessness and despair.

It is a dark, vile, destructive, demoralizing path the Biden administration and their devoted followers are trying to force our country down.  I mean down, it is not a road to prosperity.  The next election cycle is approaching quickly.  We as a nation have to stand up against this toxic group of elitists.  People need to learn to understand the propaganda rhetoric of the sanctimonious Democrats, their allies in the main stream media, the social outlet oligarchs, and those blinded by denial and guilt.  Our first task is to repair the emotional and other devastating mental damage that has been done to our youth by the Democrat Party’s allies in the liberal education system who have force fed their toxic venomous socialist doctrine for so many years.  It is our responsibility to show them, our youth, that all their hopes and dreams are meaningless if the present-day Democrat Party is successful in their attempts at distorting this once great nation.  They, our youth, must learn and understand what it really means to be an American citizen who brings forth benefit to our nation, because they personally do things that are constructive, which gives them pride in achievement and advances the common good.