Collateral Unimportant Casualties

By: - April 21, 2021

I have been following this week’s mainstream media and political opportunist frenzy over the Derek Chauvin trial.  The articles about Maxine Waters and her grandstanding demonstrate that Congress has become a body that can no longer be respected by any aware rational thinking member of society.  However, that story is not what really has my attention.  My interest has been the stories about the preparations for law enforcement to deal with civil unrest in the event that the jury does not determine “murder” had been committed.

My overall impression is that the mainstream media has become little more than a cheerleader for all that is destructive in our nation.  The media appears to be adding fuel and hoping to bring forth more violence.  There is little evidence they wish to present facts and/or educate the American public concerning what is actually occurring in Minnesota or about any of the many other contentious situations across the nation.  Oh, they would claim they are promoting “social justice” and “reform”, but in all honestly, they are capitalizing on a demented reality television series.  Proof of this is found in their lack of interest in the collateral damage being done to so many impressionable young lives who have been caught-up in the mayhem.

If you do a little research, you can find that many thousands of our younger generation, ranging from the age of twenty through thirty, have been arrested over the past year during “peaceful” protests.  I am not talking about arrests for curfew violations or other minor civil disobedience infractions, I am referring to crimes that are very serious felonies, such as:

Attempting to damage government property by fire;

Distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction;

Possession of stolen fire arms;

Manufacture of destructive devices;

Receiving explosive devices with the intent to damage government property;

Use of improvised incendiary devices, known as Molotov cocktails;

Conspiring to commit arson and other acts of violence;

This is just a sampling of the many felonies that have been brought forth in the U.S. federal courts as a result of this past year’s civil unrest.  There are hundreds of young people who became engulfed in the protests and acted out of emotions fueled by the mainstream media and despicable politicians, such as Maxine Waters.  These young men and women will spend years in federal prisons as a result of their actions.  Their lives will be forever tarnished and harmed.  No matter, they are just collateral unimportant casualties who were useful at the time to the mainstream media and politicians.